Help Yourself! Says Justin Veeber CEO of Positive Veebz

Justin "Veebz" Veeber in His white Help Yourself hoody

Justin “Veebz” Veeber sporting his Help Yourself merch

Former Gambling Addict Turned Influencer Justin Veeber, Recently Launched a new Self Help CLothing Brand, To Inspire Self help and recovery.

You know the veebz dweebz!”

— Justin Veeber aka “Veebz”

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, April 18, 2021 / — Instagram Influencer and CEO Justin ‘Veeber’, has just announced via Instagram live that his new clothing line “Help Yourself” ( Will officially be open for business. Justin Veeber AKA “Veebz”, is a recovering gambling addict repping the concrete urban terrain of NYC. Like many other former addicts, one thing Justin has a passion for is encouraging recovery and positivity to others who may be struggling. The message behind his design “Help Yourself”, is the same message that he himself learned not so long ago. You MUST help yourself. While this sounds a bit harsh, it has various meanings. On one hand, in order to escape the tragedy of vice and addiction, one must take initiative and dedicate themselves to pulling away from it. However, there is also a truth to be conveyed: No one will help you the way you can help yourself. Justin has gained underground popularity recently for popularizing a new slang “Veebz” which translates to: “vibes”. Justin can be heard on his Instagram live streams or videos saying “Positive Veebz” Or “You know the veebz dweebz!”. Justin has spoken on how he loves to spread positivity and joy, as well as encouragement to the youth and his local community. Now while Justin’s larger-than-life appearance on Instagram may be entertaining (Reaching over 30,000 people monthly), Justin’s message of self-help and positive “Veebz” rings loud and proud throughout his brand and social media presence. While Justin has released music through SoundCloud, his main focus is currently growing and expanding his clothing brand- which he ultimately hopes will inspire and encourage others to engage in self-growth and recovery. Those who are interested in checking out Justin and his brand can follow him and his brand on Instagram @TheVeebz ( or brand-page @HelpYourselfBro ( or check out his website (15% of all proceeds will be donated to gambling recovery*).

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