Hempliance 3.0 delivers key capabilities for secure industrial hemp supply chain tracking and compliance

John Bradley of Tetra Hemp Co

John Bradley, CEO of Tetra Hemp Company, is shown in one of his hemp fields

We are here to help hemp farmers to succeed.”

— Kenneth Benbow

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, December 17, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Hempliance Inc. announces the launch of Version 3.0 with advanced functionality that hemp growers want: built-in QR codes for tracking GPS location and crop details, a new HempRoad component for transportation, and a browser-based dashboard for collaboration. The new features for collaboration assist farm managers and co-ops with overseeing multiple locations. The dashboard was customized to meet the specific needs of university researchers and agricultural extensions that Hempliance Inc is actively working with to develop pilot programs to improve industrial hemp productivity and yield per acre.

John C. Bradley, CEO of Tetra Hemp Company says, “The Hempliance application gives our management team and our partner farmers the data tracking we need in the palm of our hand without duplication of efforts. From field to processing, we have the ability to track our progress across all aspects of the operation in a mobile environment – and with the desktop interface our internal staff can access real-time data from the field without using multiple systems and software. Chain of custody that is created within the application naturally is not only used to verify the when and where, but gives us a historical record for review and modification to future planning processes. Quite simply, this saves us time, money, and people resources.”

Farm records of the growth cycle created in earlier versions of the Hempliance app are permanently maintained in the database. The field use apps are available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play to work on any GPS-capable device, including smart phones, tablets and laptops.

Key capabilities of the Hempliance 3.0 Hemp Supply Chain Solution:
HempRoad links to detailed crop growth recorded by growers, tracks samples, ultimately provides travel manifests and supporting documentation for moving the final harvest to its destination. HempRoad enables detailed on-location photo or video-captures that protect farmers and mitigate the risk of misidentification during routine law enforcement checkpoints.

Built-in QR codes in version 3.0 identify each lot of industrial hemp in immutable blockchain records for true chain-of-custody proof of life. Farmers/growers can have confidence about the precise GPS location when samples are submitted for lab testing and sales.

View-it-all Dashboard – The new 3.0 dashboard enables real-time access to view hemp growth-cycle images and data for one or more lots/locations. The farmer/grower can give access permission to collaborate with: farm managers, samplers/labs, farm co-ops, university researchers, agricultural extensions, buyers/prospective buyers and agribusiness associations.

Artificial Intelligence means that machine learning will help us identify trends and common problems more rapidly.

Scalability – The system is currently built for 10 million users and beyond.

“We are here to help hemp farmers to succeed,” says CEO Kenneth Benbow of Hempliance Inc. “We have launched Hempliance 3.0 to provide compliance safeguards for farmers and transporters, connect buyers with sellers, and improve hemp crop yields by deploying AI and machine learning that supports agricultural research and education initiatives.”

As the industrial hemp industry grows, the award-winning blockchain-based Hempliance system provides the secure record-keeping, scalability, accuracy and transparency to cost-effectively serve the projected demand for industrial hemp and navigate the highly regulated hemp marketplace. Full details and onboarding support call 512-318-1706 or visit www.hemplianceinc.com.

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