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Places, Things To Do, & Costs When Visiting Honduras

LA CEIBA, LA CEIBA, HONDURAS , December 14, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Honduras is one of the world’s most underrated travel destinations. It’s a bucket-list-worthy locale that goes unseen by many tourists, and that’s part of what makes it so special. In fact, visiting Honduras changed my entire outlook on the Caribbean and Central America as a whole.

The Caribbean islands of Honduras are unimaginably picturesque. Roatan, which sits roughly 40 miles off the coast of mainland Honduras, is the most popular of the Bay Islands. Despite its standing as the most visited of the islands, it still felt like an entirely different world than more popular Central American destinations, like Costa Rica and Panama.

The Bay Islands are the hidden gems of the Caribbean. You don’t see them in all of the guide books like the Bahamas or Turks and Caicos. However, this is what I grew to love most about them. You won’t find packs of camera-toting tourists, but you will find an authentic Caribbean culture that spans from the friendly demeanor of the locals to the mouthwatering seafood dishes and untouched coastlines. I’ve already planned my next visit to Honduras when COVID-19 travel restrictions are lifted, and this guide is geared toward helping you plan your visit too.

Where To Go

Honduras is a country packed with charming cities, breathtaking natural beauty, and picturesque coastlines. However, the focus of this guide is on the Caribbean side of the country, namely the Bay Islands. The Bay Islands of Honduras include three main islands and numerous cays. The islands span 92 square miles and sit roughly 30 miles off the coast of mainland Honduras. Amazingly, these islands are closer to Miami than Puerto Rico, without the high rise resorts blocking the view.

Roatan is the most famous of the Bay Islands and the most popular tourist destination in Honduras. That said, it remains a natural oasis where the jungle canopy extends to white-sand beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters. Roatan and all of the Bay Islands are known for their untouched natural beauty, world-renowned scuba diving destinations, and a multitude of other water activities that can be enjoyed. Visiting Roatan and the Bay Islands is one of few remaining ways to explore the Caribbean off the beaten path.

Visiting the Bay Islands

Safety is often a concern of travelers visiting any off-the-beaten-path destination. However, Roatan and the Bay Islands are known for their laid-back culture and general lack of crime. Crimes against property may occur in the most popular tourist areas, so locals suggest not leaving expensive items, like phones or jewelry on the beach while you take a dip in the turquoise waters. Mostly, it’s important to practice the same safety measures you would at home. Don’t leave your purse on the bar when you head to the bathroom and don’t walk back to your hotel alone in the middle of the night. Crime is rare in the Bay Islands, but it’s best to remain cautious whenever traveling in a foreign country.

Cost of Visiting Honduras

Honduras is considered one of the most affordable travel destinations in Central America. In fact, Honduras is considered even more cost-effective than Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and numerous islands throughout the Caribbean. Dining at roadside restaurants and street vendors is one of the best ways to taste authentic Honduran cooking while maintaining an extremely affordable getaway. However, meals at standard restaurants will also be roughly half the price of a comparable meal in the United States.

Lodging is extremely affordable, and it’s easy to find a comfortable hotel or hostel for just $10 per person per night. However, luxury is available, and there are accommodation options available for every budget. Aside from flights, which can vary greatly in price depending on your departure city, the Bay Islands of Honduras are known as one of the most cost-effective travel destinations in the Caribbean.

Getting Off the Beaten Path

The best part of visiting Roatan, the other Bay Islands, and Honduras, in general, is that you’re traveling to a place that’s considered off the beaten tourist trail. This means you’ll experience more authentic interactions with the locals, more untouched natural scenery, and tours that aren’t loaded with fellow tourists.

The countless islets and keys that make up the Bay Islands leave infinite opportunities for adventure, ranging from snorkeling and diving to beachcombing, wildlife spotting, windsurfing, and more. Island hopping through the Bay Islands can lead you to untouched coastlines that are worthy of being featured in a magazine.

Roatan and the Bay Islands of Honduras have remained some of the Caribbean’s best-kept secrets for decades. Visit and you’ll begin to understand the true definition of paradise.

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