How Aalpha Information Systems India Pvt. Ltd. is Transforming the businesses in the time of Pandemic – Covid19

How Aalpha Information Systems India Pvt. Ltd. is Transforming the businesses in the time of Pandemic – Covid19

BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, July 14, 2021 / — In today’s modern business world is changing rapidly day by day with the advancement of new technologies, and integrating your business with modern tech solutions is the need of the hour in order to stay in the competitive market and generate a good return on investment from your business.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected a lot of businesses worldwide and brought about years of change in the way companies in all industries and regions do business. Technology has played a crucial role in survival businesses. Moreover, there is no denying that the Covid 19 has led to the adoption of technology. Technological advancements were already changing the world over the last two decades, from the way of life to the nature of our work.

Be it the health sector, retail sector, real estate, customer service, IT, education or e-learning business are adapting several industry trends in order to match the top quality and services that their potential consumers or clients need.

More importantly, sectors like Education, IT & others saw a drastic change when almost all the academic students went through online learning portals in order to continue their further studies and get ready for their competitive exams. On the other hand, IT employees started working from their homes remotely. This change gave a huge demand in the development of tools for e-learning portals for students and remote tools for employees to stay connected with colleagues and work smoothly in order to survive in the pandemic, the way e-commerce sectors survived by offering essential services via their websites and mobile apps have given a good sign for the better future of digital-based services

And to help you with this, India’s leading software development company Aalpha information system has played a crucial role by helping with its top-notch technology solutions across the globe. Aalpha Information System offers a wide variety of tech solutions like web development services, Blockchain development services, and mobile app development services and it is an ISO-certified company.

Aalpha information system has developed good products that helped a lot of businesses sectors in order to survive in the pandemic. The company has developed a remote working tool called Wurkr it is a Saas-based platform that allows companies to manage better company culture, encourage casual collaboration & creativity in the remote and distributed surroundings.

In simple words, Wurkr is a virtual office that allows companies to work remotely from anywhere. This product has helped a lot of companies in order to stay connected and work very efficiently.

With the help of Aalpha information system this software product has shown good potential in the market and won the hearts of investors and got a good amount of investment from known investors in the industry.

Furthermore, Aalpha information system has helped in the education sector by developing an e-learning portal that is a virtual classroom platform for online teaching and learning which is designed to provide a highly interactive, engaging as well as more effective experience to learn, teach and shine. This product has been designed especially for schools, teachers, learners as well as parents.

The platform enables to connect or set up live chats with individual students or groups during classes in order to make it more engaging and share quality information.

Lastly, during the pandemic in order to make it easy for the passionate medical professional Aalpha information system has helped Indian Medical Association (Tamilnadu state branch) with healthcare solutions. To make healthcare more available, instantly accessible, and affordable. Aalpha developed Instaclinix, a next-generation telemedicine solution that is quick and easy to access with several important features like instant video consultation, queue management, and a single platform for doctors across.

Along with these software solutions, Aalpha has developed several other software products that create a good impact on businesses. Considering all the hard work in these uncertain times, the Aalpha information system has transformed the business across the globe with top-quality services and gained a huge reputation in the industry.

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