How an Algorithm to Streamline Exam Grades is a Failure for The U.K. Government

The U.K.’s Tory government’s latest move has been a blunder that has put people’s jobs at risk: they are playing hooky.

The government wants to streamline standardized exam scores, and they’re using artificial intelligence (AI) to do it.

According to the Express, the new technology will allow test-takers to skip math and science sections by plugging in certain answers. This was said to be extremely difficult for some and merely “massively embarrassing” for the rest.

Writing on The Telegraph, Matthew Barnes said that the AI in question was “actually a machine learning algorithm” and that the results could have been “precisely and quite literally made by a human engineer”.

It seems that the new U.K. government has failed to learn a lesson from other governments.

They claim that technology like this will improve education and help students to find jobs. However, many pointed out that the idea was a crass “laziness scheme” and that one needs to back up their statements with details about how the technology will improve the way that tests are conducted.

The Inquisitr recently reported on another crass, lazy and ill-considered move by the U.K. government: they were planning to deregulate children’s websites and toys online as of October 1st.

Britain’s Conservative government believes this to be a good idea, as there are numerous perverted sites and even children have been sexually exploited, like it or not.

With the country’s Press Association reporting, Sir Steve Webb, the former Pensions Minister during the Gordon Brown Government, said that the two biggest problems are to allow companies more freedom to set up websites they want, and to take away the restriction of “poisoned by financial incentives.”

Children and young people need to be protected from companies to whom they give their contact details and their families need protection from financial companies, Mr. Webb said.

By giving them more freedom to create sites, Mr. Webb said there will be no recourse for children who find they have been exploited.

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