How Checkers & Rally’s is Growing its Drive-Thru and Delivery, Digital Footprint

Running a fast-growing and food-focused business can be quite the challenge — especially when it comes to the restaurant industry. Customers hate waiting in long lines, and the decision to dine at a restaurant is about more than the food on the plate. It’s often the ambiance, service and ambiance — all factors that dictate the enjoyment of any restaurant visit.

Driving a successful restaurant can’t happen unless a restaurant has strong partnerships with its outside backers, keeping up with competition, and rethinking and evolving to stay relevant.

At Checkers & Rally’s, a family-owned restaurant chain that was founded in 1955 in the Deep South, that process starts with the management team who’s responsible for both the operations of the brand as well as its retail operations. The brand’s executive team has been developing some exciting opportunities to enhance the brand and make its operations and retail operations into something even more exciting for its customers.

One of the best and most natural ways for Checkers & Rally’s to extend its reach to its customers was through their delivery service, and they’ve been growing that, too. In recent years, they’ve experimented with different delivery systems — including delivery van stations — so that customers can pay for their food before they get to the restaurant. And as more people try deliveries, Checkers & Rally’s is exploring a delivery app, which would make it easier for customers to get their orders and have the opportunity to take advantage of options, such as video ordering and keeping track of orders’ progress through different menus.

For the retailer itself, Checkers & Rally’s has been creating storefront pop-up shops to help emphasize and market the brands within its restaurants. Checkers & Rally’s has also been offering customers “Bar at the Grill” events, where they can try out the new apps and features the brand is introducing to help bring its menu and venues closer together.

Why an upbeat “Bar at the Grill” approach is important

Checkers & Rally’s restaurant guests are looking for more fun and more entertainment while they’re enjoying their food and drinks.

These services tie in with where the brand’s customers are — at home or at work. Checkers & Rally’s restaurant guests are looking for more fun and more entertainment while they’re enjoying their food and drinks. The bar and grill area should embody the same personality, and provide an opportunity for customers to enjoy food and drinks while getting a little live entertainment too.

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