How Coronavirus Impacted Cloud Services

In a post-crisis world, the need for technology infrastructure and cloud spending will likely accelerate in some industries more than others, as the chart below illustrates. A fresh look through an industry lens is critical to help better position your infrastructure solutions by customer need.

Streaming services like Netflix have dampened box office sales for movies in recent years. Now, as movie theaters close under government orders, Netflix and YouTube are gaining a new audience.

The $3.9 trillion global technology industry will suffer this year, though just how much remains unclear. In December, the research firm IDC forecast 5 percent worldwide growth for sales of hardware, software and service.

Impact of COVID-19 Post-COVID-19 tech infrastructure and cloud-based computing needs Potential 2019-2024 CAGR3 of tech infrastructure and cloud spending4 Consumers more price-conscious, open to non-brand items. Healthier diets mean fresh/preserved fruit spending is fastest growing segment. Shortage of meat supply creates new consumer base for plant-based meat alternatives. Dynamic merchandise planning and pricing based on.

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