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With over 3+ million children trained worldwide, UCMAS Learning Centres serve a real need – to boost child development and brainpower in kids aged 6 to 13.

At UCMAS our vision is to create more confident and capable tomorrow’s children by fostering key cognitive functions & improving learning capabilities in a child”

— Founder Prof. Dr. Dino Wong

BELLINGHAM, WA, USA, December 28, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — From all of us here at UCMAS, we’d like to wish you a happy holiday season!

We wish you all the happiness during the holiday season and beyond! Take a look at the good moments of this passing year, show yourself and your loved one’s appreciation and start the new year with enthusiasm and zeal!

Our biggest wish for 2021 is to see you as part of our UCMAS family, so we will be happy to help you realize your dream of opening a business and share your successes next year!

It is a good time of the year to plan ahead. For UCMAS it has been an exceptional year, despite the challenges faced due to COVID-19. However, one thing proved itself clearly – that parents will not compromise on the education for their children. UCMAS successfully transition to online learning in March-2020 and has continued to develop the skills of the students. Parents and students alike, have appreciated the seamless transition.

We have added 10+ new franchisees to the network in North America in 2020, including one in Bothell WA, with more in the pipeline. It has proved that the Education sector is indeed recession free. In fact, it is now a lot easier to start a UCMAS Franchise as you can start teaching online.

UCMAS Mental Math is a child development program that first started in Malaysia in 1993. To date we have over 6,000 centres in over 80+ countries worldwide, including Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, India, China, Australia and the Middle East. With over two and half million children trained across the globe, UCMAS Learning Centres serve a real need to boost child development and brainpower for children aged 4 to 13. By offering Mental Math and Abacus training, our UCMAS Mental Math program strengthens children’s memory, concentration and focus. It increases self-confidence and leads to greater proficiency in math skills and overall academic achievement.

In North America, UCMAS started its operations in 2004 in the Canada GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and now has expanded into the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia. We currently have 100+ franchise locations in North America and have trained over 35,000 students.

We are very excited that we are now licensed to operate in most of the states in the USA, with operations commenced in MI, FL, WA, NJ & TX states. Our goal is to continue to expand by providing this valuable child development program by having a local UCMAS Centre in every community across North America.

Be a part of a business that will make a difference to your life and to the life of kids in your community. Please watch these videos which will give you an idea of the various aspects of the UCMAS program.

The barrier to entry is minimized completely as the offer during COVID-19 is to be able to start the program with online classes -this means that there are very minimal operational costs for the upcoming months !

Email (washington@ucmas-usa.com) or call (+1 604-248-7575) us for a free no-obligation consultation and understand how you can benefit from the opportunity.

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