How to Reset Microsoft Edge Settings for Theme, Homepage on Android and Mac

Microsoft Edge is a popular internet browser. In Windows 10, Edge is the default web browser. It is a cross-platform browser. Earlier, this browser was released for Windows OS only but today it is available for other platforms also. This browser provides excellent browsing speed. Along with the good speed. Microsoft Edge is also a very secure browser. You can use the Edge browser for online shopping and performing other crucial jobs. 

Resetting Edge Theme on Android device

When you want to reset the theme of your Windows Edge then you can directly Reset Microsoft Edge and all the changes will get reverted. For resetting the theme, you have to open Edge on your Android device:

  1. Click on the Settings page
  2. You will find the settings page on the upper-right side
  3. Go to the settings page and then click on the Reset settings option
  4. Now hit on the restore settings 

Finally hit on the reset button and all your changes on the Edge theme will be reverted. Now if you want to set the Edge on the Dark mode then you can easily change its theme.

  1. You have to open the settings and more page of your Edge
  2. Hit on the Settings button
  3. Choose the Appearance page from the list
  4. Go to Customize browser option

Click on Theme and then tap on the Dark option. Now your Microsoft Edge will run in dark mode.

Resetting Microsoft Edge Homepage in Android device

You can change the homepage and make various other changes on the Edge browser easily.

  1. Open Edge browser on Android device
  2. Go to the Settings  and more button
  3. Hit on the Appearance option
  4. Click on Show Home 

Choose New Tab Page and now set it as the homepage of your Android device. 

Resetting Edge in Windows device

Using Edge on the Windows 10 device provides better safety than other browsers. You can easily surf the web pages on the browser. But sometimes users get the Microsoft Edge Virus Alert on the screen. This error appears when the user has accessed any malicious page or the system gets into malware infection. Users must scan the whole device with a reliable antivirus. Now go to the Edge browser and change the browser home page.

  1. Open your settings and more tab on Edge
  2. Choose the Settings button and tap on the Show home
  3. Now hit on the Reset Settings 

Hit on Reset to default values option and finally press the Reset button. Now all your changes on the Edge browser will be reverted.

Resetting Microsoft Edge Theme on Mac Device

Edge is the web browser by Microsoft but it is also available for the Mac device. Now you can use Edge on Apple PC as this is one of the reliable browsers. The interface of this browser is not only secure but also very simple. You can easily make changes to the browser and Reset Microsoft Edge settings.

  1. Open your Edge browser on the Mac device
  2. Go to the three dots
  3. Scroll down and choose the Settings option
  4. Tap the Reset Settings option
  5. From the list, choose the Restore settings
  6. User will get a wizard on the screen

Choose the Reset option and the theme of your Edge browser will get reset. Users can also undo all the changes by clearing the history and cache. Open the settings page and hit the privacy and services page. Now hit on clear browsing data.  You will get a pop-up on your screen. Check the download history, cookies, and cached data, and all the boxes. Hit on the clear now button and all your history will be removed and the theme will be Reset Microsoft Edge.

Resetting Edge Homepage in Mac device

This browser has a very simple interface as the user can easily set the browser according to his requirements. After making changes to the setting, the user can reset all the changes at once. You can reset the homepage using very simple steps on a Mac device.

  1. Open the Mac device and click on Edge browser
  2. Click on the vertical dots and then select the Settings page
  3. Hit on the Appearance option

Go to the show home button and then click on the New tab page option. Now the homepage of your Mac devices will be set to default.

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