How to Speed Up Your Covid Test Results? Try the Airport

We run tests on everything. Sometimes, we have technical difficulties, and we can’t bring it up as scheduled. Sometimes, there is a physical problem, or in some cases, we don’t have enough test material. It’s an unexpected big test, where you have to find your way to the airport right now! But then there are other times where we just don’t have enough to test on. How do we make it through? Sometimes, we have to prepare our test materials ahead of time to make the process a little faster.

In these type of situations, it is sometimes best to just skip the physical paper. One way to do this is to carry along a digital test package on your computer. The next time you have a physical paper version of your test, simply remove the USB cord and plug it directly into your printer. Then, you can view the test on your computer or download the test to your USB memory. This is a digital version of the paper you are about to receive. This way, you can quickly flip through the pages of the paper with a stylus. This method is perfect for paper tests.

Another way to download test material is to do a “pair download.” This method will transfer everything between your computer and your printer (either paper or USB or an SD card). The paper is usually known as a “warranty card.” Without further ado, let’s look at the simple steps.

In the case of a technical difficulty, we can download it. It would be best to download a test in advance. If you downloaded the test beforehand, this will take some time to download. Just go to www.polytechnic.edu/test_package.php. Then, you can view your results there.

In the case of a physical problem, we can schedule for a pair download. Plug your USB drive into your printer, and you should receive a pairing document. If you have a notebook, plug the USB drive into the motherboard. This will allow your printer to print on the drive. It will also enable you to load more test materials onto the printer, instead of just printing and using the files. These are not always options, but they are an option. Go to www.polytechnic.edu/partner.php and check out the available options.

In the case of a physical problem, you can use a combination of these methods. Check out the sample test to find out how to read the test.

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