How will we live in cities in the future?

Why not Travel to Experience a New Green City offering solutions?

BATH, SOMERSET, UK, December 15, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — How will we live in cities in the future?
Why not Travel to Experience a New Green City offering solutions?

At this moment the earth has 7 billion inhabitants. More than 50 per cent of these inhabitants live in cities. By 2050 this will be nearly 70 per cent. To remain safe, healthy and attractive, cities have to find creative, green and sustainable solutions. Those solutions are being explored right now in the Dutch city of Almere and the results will be unveiled when the 2022 edition of the world horticultural exhibition, Floriade Expo, opens on 14th April 2022.

Based on the theme ‘Growing Green Cities’, Floriade Expo 2022 will offer a unique vision of urban living in the years to come – a truly symbiotic urbanism where plants, animals and men all live together. There will be inspiring exhibitions by countries, cities and innovative businesses, a wealth of art and culture and a unique collection of trees, shrubs and flowers.

“At Floriade Expo 2022 we will be showing solutions to the problems of the future. We’ll do this together with companies from the agricultural and horticultural sector, companies from other sectors and the region, the province, the country and, of course, other countries. Regarding energy, food, climate and sustainability – we want to find an answer to the question of what will happen when 70 per cent of the world’s population lives in cities. How will these cities be designed? Showing solutions, together with cities from all over the world, means, I think, that you can speak of an exemplary role.” Franc Weerwind, Mayor of Almere.

The Floriade Expo 2022 site will be divided into the Green Island and three other ‘districts’, each with its own theme: Food, Energy and Health. These fascinating districts will be interconnected with walkways and offer endless things to see and do, from the chance to meet green entrepreneurs such as Berend Eberson with his vegetable-packed breakfast bar that tastes like cake and the pioneers behind the Growing Green Protein initiative, to special exhibitions, outside music performances and extraordinary landscaped gardens

At the heart of this vast site is The Green City Arboretum, a one-of-a-kind alphabetical library of plants and trees designed by Dutch architect and urban planner Winy Maas, founding partner of MVRDV, a practice known across the world for its strategy of incorporating plants into buildings. The design has already attracted lots of attention with growers from across the Netherlands donating almost 1,000 trees for the first phase of planting. Layers of other planting will follow – bushes, plants and then the flower bulbs. When completed, these plants will immediately start contributing to a healthy and sustainable city, reducing heat or improving air quality. “The arboretum should eventually grow over the houses,” says Maas. “Over the next years, no less than 320,000 homes are needed in Almere so this Expo is an excellent opportunity to test how urban construction can be combined with a healthy and green environment.”

Other highlights include a floating art pavilion, a Garden of Peace, orchard houses and jasmine flower hotels, a restaurant in a rose garden, a lily pond swimming pool and a 180-day festival titled The Green Event. Taking place in and around the Floriade site, the festival will feature international cultural shows, live entertainment, talk shows, culinary surprises, art and more.

Floriade Expo 2022 is more than a temporary exhibition, it is also the starting point for the creation of a new city district in Almere to be called ‘Hortus’. Almost all the buildings constructed during the Expo will have a function in this new city district, which Winy Maas imagines as a green extension to Amsterdam, a lasting Cité Idéal within easy reach of the city centre.

Why travel with ECT to Floriade 2022?
We know the Netherlands, it’s one of our favourite destinations and we have been taking visitors there for over twenty years. For Floriade 2022 we will be running monthly tours, combining time at Floriade with other exciting and interesting visits designed to appeal across generations and interests.
As with all our tours, our programmes will be meticulously planned, accompanied by a Tour Manager and adhere to new safety guidelines. The consumer group Which? recently confirmed packaged trips offer far greater protection if a holiday is affected by coronavirus, or other disruption. Our customers can be reassured by the knowledge that we comply with all necessary travel legislation as required by the UK Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992.

Come with us to discover a greener future and return home inspired to help make it happen.
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