Huawei Tops Samsung as World’s No. 1 Smartphone Company For First Time

The largest smartphone maker on the planet has been crowned the world’s top manufacturer for the first time. Chinese company Huawei beat arch-rival Samsung in worldwide shipments for the first time in the first quarter, according to research firm IDC.

Huawei has out-shipmentted Samsung to power its $127 billion dollar empire by as much as one billion units.

Not that it means anything in terms of sales, except perhaps that Huawei doesn’t care how people perceive it. The year-over-year drop in China has been largely offset by increased international sales and even though Samsung pulled out of the US earlier this year, Huawei is still investing.

According to WSJ, “Huawei Electronics Ltd. generated $33.5 billion in revenue last year, up 30 percent. Research firm IDC estimated the Chinese vendor spent $35 billion to develop its own chip business, its own flash-memory chips and its own cloud service. The company also plans to add 4 million to 5 million workers in the coming years, Chairman Ken Hu said in October.”

IDC noted, “Huawei also continues to exploit the Windows ecosystem and has partnered with Microsoft on several smart devices. The latest devices—the Premium Edition of the MateBook X Pro, the MateBook X, and the Powerline MateBook X—are versatile for end users who want seamless integration between devices.”

It is important to note that the One-S View and Amazon Fire Phone were products that were almost universally panned, but remain popular options for certain markets.

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