Ikuhiro Yamagata expresses his passion for interior decoration

Interior design by Ikuhiro Yamagata

Interior design by Ikuhiro Yamagata

TOKYO, JAPAN, July 3, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Japanese Interior designer, Ikuhiro Yamagata has expressed his passion for interior decoration. In recent years, his original design has been gaining attention around the world. He is of the belief that when attempting to replicate the Japanese style of interior design one needs to bear in mind that simplicity is fundamental. Clean and simple lines, open spaces, and natural elements inside can go a long way to serenely enhance the living space.

He also holds the belief that interior design is constantly evolving. When the interior is designed based on the natural order, the space has the expression of the feeling of each season.

According to Ikuhiro Yamagata, like a living thing, Interior design is something that should grow in response to changes in the environment and that each interior design is unique.

When he designs a client’s interior, he always communicates with the client as best he can. He said that the client is the longest in the space he proposed, and he thinks it is his greatest role to design the space where his client will find the most calmness. To concretely advance interior design, he says he input all kinds of details such as the client’s favourite things, lifestyle, and hobbies, and then provides the output in the form of interior design. He believes that good products will definitely be the end product when there is a relationship of mutual trust.

Ikuhiro says that design is not something he creates alone, rather it is something he creates with his clients. He believes that the essence of design is what the client comes with, and he thinks that he plays the role of drawing them out by hearing and communicating with his clients. Hence, his design philosophy always begins from a zero base. He thinks that the highest priority should be his clients who will live there each day.

He understands clients in-depth and he does the best design for them. That’s why Ikuhiro Yamagata is so popular around the world.

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