ImpriMed Initiates Feline Lymphoma Drug Response Prediction Study

This study will focus on feline blood cancer patients to evaluate lymphoma or leukemia cells and their response to specific anticancer drugs

PALO ALTO, CA, USA, July 12, 2021 / — ImpriMed, Inc., a leading veterinary precision medicine biotech startup today announced that it is conducting a study on feline hematopoietic cancer patients to evaluate the lymphoma or leukemia cells and the specifics of each feline patients’ disease. The research will start out looking at immune subtypes of patient’s tumor cells and later the responses of the cancer cells to various chemotherapy drugs. This study aims to eventually develop an artificial intelligence-based drug response prediction profiling service for individual cats with blood cancers, or a personalized medicine approach to care that not only aims to solidify ImpriMed’s approach to maximize the information that a veterinary oncologist can utilize, but also makes a prediction on an effective therapeutic reagent much faster.

Dr. Sungwon Lim, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of ImpriMed said, “Our team at ImpriMed is thrilled to start a drug response prediction study for feline lymphoma and leukemia patients. We have successfully served more than 2,000 canine patients so far, and based on collected knowledge and experience, we aim to provide the same level of precision medicine service to feline patients.”

During the study period, all participating veterinarian oncologists will receive free flow cytometry and PCR for Antigen Receptor Rearrangements (PARR) test results for their patients. If a client volunteers or allows their feline to participate, veterinarians will collect cancer cells in a minimally invasive way via a fine needle aspiration from the patient’s affected lymph nodes. These cells are then transferred into ImpriMed’s proprietary transport media tubes (that helps keep the cells alive) and shipped overnight to the company’s laboratory in Palo Alto, California. A portion of the patient’s cancer cells will be allocated for flow cytometry and PARR test, and then the rest of the sample will be used to develop a live-cell-based drug sensitivity test specific to cat lymphoma and leukemia patients.

“I truly believe that precision medicine will be the way we treat cancer for all pets in the future, to determine the best treatments and achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients. If we can identify and use the most effective drugs – we should, if we can avoid drugs that are ineffective – we should” said Dr. Kevin Choy, DVM, DACVIM, a board-certified veterinary oncologist.

ImpriMed prides itself on its clinically validated machine learning technology and other artificial intelligence (AI) Algorithms. The biggest advantage of the company’s AI models is that the sophisticated predictive profiling continuously evolves to produce consistently higher prediction accuracies, over time. This is supported by the detailed, essential patient medical history/information submitted on the company’s online portal that veterinary oncologists use. All these data are summarized in comprehensive reports that will best support pet parents/patients enabling veterinarians to offer a more reliable precision medicine service that could eventually lead to an improved clinical outcome.
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About ImpriMed:
ImpriMed provides cutting-edge personalized medicine easily accessible for pets with blood cancers. ImpriMed’s key product, Chemo Response Prediction Service, has been widely used by board-certified veterinary oncologists, helping over 2,000 dogs with lymphoma and leukemia. With ImpriMed’s services, veterinarians can offer a uniquely tailored treatment regimen, based on individualized, data-driven test results. Pet patients can receive the drugs that work best for them and the pet owners can reduce drug treatment costs by excluding therapeutic options that are unlikely to be successful. This innovative approach to cancer care has been published in a scientific journal, presented at major conferences, and is supported by over 150 veterinary oncologists at 100+ specialty hospitals in the US. ImpriMed has raised close to $12 million from leading venture capital firms to advance its mission to provide precision medicine for pet cancer care to all. For more information on the company please visit ImpriMed and direct all media inquiries to Sonia Awan, PR for ImpriMed at

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