India CCTV Market Report and Future Opportunity Assessment Forecast 2022-2031

India CCTV market is expected to register a CAGR of 22.35% over the forecast period. Terrorism is undoubtedly a significant issue in India, especially in the light of the numerous terrorist attacks over the last twenty-five years. With a population of over a billion people and high levels of mass poverty, multiple religions, languages, and ethnicities, security is a significant threat in India. As such, Indian law enforcement agencies need tools that aid them in tackling crime and terrorism in the country. Such devices can include efficient CCTVs, which are being used by law enforcement agencies around the world. There is an increasing concern in India about the growing number of crimes against women. The amount of cases reported in the media depicts an alarming situation. However, the growing number of crimes against women reflects a dangerous trend in Indian cities, which requires the need for robust surveillance in the form of CCTVs to be equipped in the cities.

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– In March 2020, the Tamil Nadu government announced that all 4,282 high and higher secondary schools in the state would soon geet CCTV cameras, which will be installed at the cost of INR 48.73 crore. In the initial phase, the government has already begun installing surveillance cameras across 1,890 schools. In June 2020, the Punjab government has decided to install CCTV cameras and public address systems in all its schools to ensure children’s safety. The school education department initiated the release of the funds for having CCTVs in some schools a few weeks before the coronavirus-induced national lockdown was imposed in March 2020 and has sought INR 7.5 crore from the Centre for installation of CCTVs and public address systems in 5,456 schools across the state.

Key Market Trends

IP Cameras are Expected to Hold Significant Share

– During the initial phase of video surveillance, analog cameras were being used. However, the market witnessed a change with the increased acceptance and adoption of IP cameras. The rapid transition from analog cameras to IP cameras has revolutionized the adoption of video surveillance solutions, including sharper, high-definition digital images, and advancement in video analytics and neuro networks. As IP cameras transmit genuinely digital signals, they offer greater video detail, making them more suitable for facial recognition or detecting license plate numbers. The rise in production has also led to a decrease in prices and increasingly widespread adoption. With the integration of software solutions into video surveillance, it is now possible to detect unexpected and unattended objects or packages, line crossing, path tracking, etc.

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