Indie Production Company Space Dream Productions Wants to Pay It Forward

Koura Linda, a smiling woman with dark hair wearing a grey beanie and a grey long sleeve shirt under a grey t-shirt and blue jean skirt hugs her husband Spaceship, a man with dark hair and a beard, wearing a grey button down shirt and blue jeans.  They ar

Koura Linda and Spaceship on the hitRECord X Zappos Sundance 2020 red carpet

Koura Linda, Trent Duncan, and another filmmaker sit on black folding chairs in front of an LED wall with festival logos on it.  Koura is wearing an orange mini skirt, pink top, and black knee-high boots, with dark hair, holding a microphone.

Koura Linda on a filmmaker panel with YouTuber and Filmmaker Trevor Duncan following a film screening block

Koura Linda wears a cloth mask and a backwards baseball cap holding a script and talking to an actor with long dark hair in a brown jacket and a young actress with light brown hair in a blue jacket.

Koura Linda on the set of “Mark & Dot”, a Space Dream Productions film directed by Spaceship

It has become an integral part of Space Dream Productions company culture to “pay it forward”, sharing their experiences, helping fellow filmmakers and artists.

We are so incredibly grateful for all the advice and kind words. We wished we had some of these pointers when we first started making projects.”

— Filmmaker (folowing Space Dream Productions Consultation)

ANAHIEM, CA, USA, July 1, 2021 / — In August 2016, Space Dream Productions’ first film “Names on The Wall” premiered, garnering fifteen award nominations and eight awards at film festivals across the world. This was just the start of the company’s high accolades. Since then, they have produced and released almost two dozen more projects into the international festival circuit. They have received over fifty more nominations, and taken home a total of twenty-four awards.

Behind all of this is wife and husband production team, Koura Linda and Spaceship, Space Dream Productions’ President and Executive Vice President.

Neither of these two now seasoned and acclaimed filmmakers have ever been to film school proper. Instead, they grew through a combination of hands-on experience, film festival panels (including almost a decade of volunteering with and attending the Sundance Film Festival), professional internships, apprenticeships, and mentorships.

As Spaceship points out, “Great ideas ultimately come from revising and refining good ideas.”

“I would never have made it through my first film project if it wasn’t for all of the incredible professionals I had the honor of working with and learning from,” says Koura Linda.

While they and their team are forever learning and growing, it has become an integral part of the company culture to “pay it forward” along the way, sharing the unique experiences they’ve gained.

Originally, this started with their podcast, “Filmmaking (Actually)”, which breaks down the filmmaking process step by step, and includes interviews with guests such as Supervising Sound Editor Mac Smith of Skywalker Sound!

As the podcast grew and more and more filmmakers had specific filmmaking questions, Space Dream Productions grew to start offering a one-on-one consultation service.

Since launching this service, they have been able to support writers, filmmakers, and artists!

“It was so great to meet you and get to talk to you. We are so incredibly grateful for all the advice and kind words . . . Talking with you was both very helpful and also just very encouraging, which I think we both needed so much. We are so excited to dive into all the points you sent and try to breathe some new life into these areas of the project. We listened to the first couple of episodes of your podcast and thought they were great! We wished we had some of these pointers when we first started making projects…” – Filmmaker

“I have people in my life who I would just love to get feedback from, but you are the first to give me any. It is the primary challenge of being an artist, that is, only knowing what’s happening in your own mind and not knowing what another will think of that art. It is all in your your own mind. Thank you for taking your time and giving me a piece of your mind.” – Artist

“Thank you so much for spending time with me today! Your opinions and ideas were really helpful, and especially thanks for connecting me with [a publisher]. I’ll write [them] tomorrow and will keep you posted. Thanks again!” – Writer

To be accessible to anyone interested in growing as filmmakers, these consultations are now offered at no charge for an initial 30 minute to one hour consult. Further work with a project is structured on a true “pay-what-you-can” basis, with a rate set per project, subject to availability.

Consults can be scheduled through their website:

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Filmmaking (Actually) – Episode 0: Welcome to the Filmmaking (Actually) Podcast!

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