Intercontinental Couple Turn Skincare Industry On its Ear with Eco-Friendly ‘Picasso Skin’ for Every Face

Picasso Skin

Picasso Skin

Picasso Skin  - Your Skin Our Canvas

Picasso Skin – Your Skin Our Canvas

Founders of Picasso Skin, John and Onome

Founders of Picasso Skin, John and Onome

A recent poll shows women in their twenties are worried about wrinkles. One eco-conscious business has the answer to these beauty woes.

Your Skin Your Canvas”

— John and Onome for Picasso Skin

WILLIAMSPORT, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, July 12, 2021 / — A recent poll shows women in their twenties are worried about wrinkles and more than 50% of women over 30 are stressed about the signs of aging. One eco-conscious business has the answer to these beauty woes. Meet John Warfield and Onome Ukoli. The intercontinental couple with a passion to provide a botanical solution to everyday skin issues birthed Picasso Skin. The revolutionary anti-aging skincare system uses only natural elements to fight crows’ feet and calloused skin.

Onome, an international model with a degree in political science is one part beauty and two parts, motivated mogul. This Nigerian phenome is shaking the skincare realm with her revolutionary antiaging system. Together with her partner in love and business John Warfield, the two are forever changing the beauty industry. “Our mission is to deliver high quality, top of the line, plant-derived skincare products that exceed industry standards for excellence,” says John.

Founded on John’s background in biology they created a youth renewing system with plant-based extracts. Picasso Skin’s flagship product Phytoretinol has all the benefits of retinol without the side effects like redness, irritation, and flaking. Sales of the vitamin A derivative jumped 27 percent in recent years but users report a series of problems and a two-week timeline to adjust to the harshness of the chemical compound. Not so with Phytoretinol. The silky serum draws on the essence of Bakuchiol, a plant-derived retinol alternative from the Indian-grown Babchi plant. Just 2 drops are all you need to refresh tired, dry skin bringing back the radiance that lies beneath the surface.

Picasso Skin named after their beloved rescue cat prides itself on being a company dedicated to providing a product never tested on animals. John and Onome’s love for Picasso, the environment, and mankind is evident in every bottle. In fact, a portion of all of their sales are donated to forest restoration projects. The eco-friendly brand only wants the best for your body’s largest organ. Known for its keen eye for safety, Picasso Skin has strict guidelines for its products. Nothing touches your skin but the purest product. No parabens. No FD&C colors. No sodium lauryl sulfates or phthalates. John, a University of Miami grad, cares so deeply about his customers that even the water used as the base for Picasso Skin’s Premium Eco-conscious brand formula goes through rigorous testing. Picasso Skin only uses water gathered from pristine Canadian waterways known for the highest purity standards.

Picasso Skin is on the cutting edge of a new day for skincare. The power couple is creating a new landscape and setting new standards for an industry laden with chemicals. Onome adds, “We truly care about people and hope it shows in our model of providing high quality, and beneficial products to those who want real, tangible results.”

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