Isabelle Henriquez Looks at 5 Popular Career Paths for the Soon-to-be Finance Graduate

Students looking to finance should pay close attention to these top finance careers, says Isabelle Henriquez.

DENVER, CO, UNITED STATES, June 10, 2021 / — A lot has changed after the pandemic, throwing many careers and industries for a loop. Isabelle Henriquez is currently a student finishing up her BSBA at the University of Denver. She is looking at the finance careers that have likely emerged stronger than ever, even after a year of market disruption.

As Isabelle Henriquez knows, finance is often a highly competitive field. In many finance-related roles, professionals earn impressive salaries.

Additionally, there are a wide variety of finance jobs in nearly all industries and job sectors. Henriquez recommends finding a niche to help pinpoint your strengths and get your foot in the door.

Isabelle Henriquez: Top Five Financial Careers Available

According to Henriquez, there are many finance careers that are worth pursuing. Five of the top finance industry roles available to aspiring professionals include:

Financial Planner

In the financial planner role, there is no other option but to form strong working relationships and understand the market. The goal is to devise plans that will support individual investors, so it can be a high-stakes position. Financial planning takes someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, intuition, and persuasive charisma to do this job well.

Budget Analyst

Becoming a decision-maker in any company is a big part of growth as a professional. Overseeing budgets or checking to make sure they are on track means understanding realistic values and how they will impact the company finances. Budget analyst roles are available in a variety of organizations, including private businesses, government committees, nonprofits, and more. Analysis positions require excellent communication skills and a firm grasp of analytics.

Investment Banker

Investment banking offers college grads nearly endless opportunities for career achievement and professional growth, including the chance to hone valuable skills, rack up accomplishments and maximize earning potential. As Isabelle Henriquez knows, investment bankers often serve as go-to financial advisors to businesses, large corporations, and sometimes even government institutions, providing the advice and guidance needed to make smart investments, navigate acquisitions, and more.

Capital Markets Analyst

Companies looking to attract investors and raise capital often turn to capital markets analysts for the guidance needed to realize those goals. Market analysts are many times the linchpin connecting companies with quality capital investment opportunities, those who analyze trends, map out strategies and perform the due diligence needed to locate investors and achieve stable returns and growth.

Equity Research Analyst

For finance students with strong problem-solving, data interpretation, and analytical skills, Henriquez often recommends considering a career in equity research, a field in which qualified, detail-oriented professionals are in more demand than ever. Sought-after by portfolio managers and financial services companies around the world, equity research analysts supply the investment modeling, screening, and trading strategy analysis advisors rely on to steer their clients in the right direction.

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