The ISO-Aire RSF250 compact commercial air purifier brings healthy, sanitized air to small- and mid-sized spaces such as classrooms and waiting rooms. The RSF250 features two levels of clean air technology: HEPA filtration and ozone-free bipolar ionization.

New to the commercial air purifier category, the ISO-Aire RSF2000 is built to effectively purify the air inside larger spaces such as gymnasiums, cafeterias, performance halls, and community living areas.

ISO-Aire delivers proven COVID-19 mitigation strategies that are recommended for indoor air quality established by ASHRAE and the Centers for Disease Control for commercial applications, schools, healthcare facilities, and residential spaces.

Indoor Air Quality Leader Bookends Portfolio with Two Powerful Air Purifiers to Deliver Unmatched Indoor Air Quality Solutions for Spaces of all Sizes

We are proud to manufacture ISO-Aire in the U.S., creating unmatched air quality solutions that will protect our communities from harmful indoor pollutants and pathogens today and for years to come.”

— Chuck Albers, owner of Ducts & Cleats, St. Paul, MN

SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, July 8, 2021 / — America’s premium line of ISO-Aire™ commercial HEPA air purifiers today unveiled two high-performance models to ensure indoor spaces – from classrooms to large performance areas – are protected when it comes to safe, sustainable indoor air quality (IAQ). Powerful and proven in their respective categories, the RSF2000 and RSF250 are equipped with multiple layers of medical-grade clean air technology to continuously capture and destroy 99.99% of harmful pathogens and airborne pollutants . Born out of the COVID-19 pandemic over a year ago, ISO-Aire safeguards occupants bringing healthy indoor air to school classrooms, libraries, day care centers, gyms, places of worship, and office locations throughout the U.S.

Built To Purify Larger Spaces
The RSF2000 – the largest and most powerful model in the ISO-Aire line of elite purifiers – emits 2,000 cubic feet of sanitized air per minute throughout a given space. The portable HEPA air purifier delivers on-demand, extensive clean air purification coverage in large-sized office spaces, manufacturing facilities, cafeterias, gymnasiums, assembly halls, staging areas, open floor spaces, and community living areas. Known for its strategic air-throw capabilities, ISO-Aire utilizes a high-performance fan to push purified air at a high velocity into a room or area in a multi-directional trajectory more than 100 feet. This purposefully engineered approach ensures sanitized air is distributed precisely and evenly to maintain a safe breathing zone.

Recently two RSF2000 units were installed inside the Heinz Hall for the Performing Arts, Pittsburgh, Penn., as part of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra’s proactive steps to bring healthcare-grade purified air to their performance and staging spaces. Both ISO-Aire RSF2000 models feature three levels of leading clean air technology including a 12-inch deep HEPA filter, UVC sterilization, and ozone-free bipolar ionization.

“For a legacy destination like Pittsburgh’s treasured Heinz Hall for the Performing Arts, home of the world-renowned Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, utilizing a proven in-space air purification solution was the most effective and efficient approach to bring sanitized, safe air to this historic landmark. The supplemental units are well-suited for the stage and auditorium to ensure adequate clean air coverage throughout these targeted areas and to reduce risk of contaminants within the breathing zone,” explained Rob Kania, president, Direct Safety Solutions, who oversaw the installation. “Safeguarding these spaces to ensure the optimum air quality illustrates the proactive steps underway by the Orchestra protect against COVID-19, emerging variants, and other airborne contaminants.”

Dominating The Competition: RSF250
The ISO-Aire RSF250 assumes its category leadership as a compact, yet mighty 250 CFM air purifier built to protect occupants in small- to mid-sized spaces such as conference rooms, reception areas, smaller retail shops, classrooms, salons, waiting rooms, apartments, and homes. RSF250 models are engineered with medical-grade, 12-inch deep HEPA filtration and optional ozone-free bipolar ionization. The most powerful unit in its class, the RSF250 creates a healthy space by capturing and destroying 99.99% of harmful viruses and emerging variants as well as bacteria, mold, pollen, dust, and other pollutants. Most similar-sized air purifiers are made of plastic parts and substandard components, and they cannot meet nor exceed the RSF250’s capacity to recirculate indoor air while achieving the recommended air changes per hour (ACH) for a given space.

RSF2000 and RSF250 Product Specifications
ISO-Aire commercial units deliver proven COVID-19 mitigation strategies recommended for indoor air quality established by ASHRAE and the Centers for Disease Control. The air purifiers are engineered with variable-speed ECM fans, quality components, and are sound attenuated to ensure they are the quietest in category. With a lifespan of up to 20 years, ISO-Aire units are built to last in the U.S. with 22-guage embossed steel and rugged rolling casters for portability.

• Dimensions: 30″ x 30″ x 85.25″ (with or without UVC);
• Weight: 350 lbs. (without UVC), 360 lbs. (with UVC);
• Low noise, produces 37-60 dBA;
• Available with HEPA filtration as well as optional ozone-free bipolar ionization and/or UVC sterilization;
• Up to approximately 15,000 square feet or 1 air change/hour (ACH), or approximately 7,500 square feet with 2 ACH as recommended by ASHRAE and CDC guidelines.

• Dimensions: 15” x 15” x 32”;
• Weight: approximately 60 lbs.;
• Low noise, produces 40-56 dBA;
• Available with HEPA filtration and optional ozone-free bipolar ionization;
• Up to approximately 1,875 square feet or 1 ACH, or approximately 940 square feet with 2 ACH as recommended by ASHRAE and CDC guidelines.

“ISO-Aire was developed and purpose-built to address COVID-19 and other droplet and airborne-based infections in healthcare settings, and now we offer that same level of unsurpassed protection for school classrooms, churches and childcare centers,” explained Chuck Albers, developer of ISO-Aire and owner of parent company Ducts & Cleats. “There are too many plastic, throw-away purifiers that will not hold up to commercial applications. Hard-working, industrial ISO-Aire delivers on all fronts – from smart design and premier parts to proven technology and rugged construction. We are proud to manufacture ISO-Aire in the U.S., creating the solutions that will protect our communities from harmful indoor pollutants and pathogens today and for years to come.”

RSF2000 and RSF250 join ISO-Aire’s family of floor-set and hanging units featuring the same powerful medical-grade clean air technology and unmatched protection. Floor-set portable units include RSF300, RSF500, RSF1000, RSP1000; hanging units include RSH800 and RSH1000.

Albers and his team originally developed ISO-Aire at their St. Paul facility in early 2020 at the request of one of Minnesota’s leading healthcare facilities in response to creating negative pressure hospital isolation rooms for patients with COVID-19. Adapting the unit for commercial use, they redesigned ISO-Aire to accommodate a variety of building environments and applications. Albers emphasized one of the most important safeguards during the pandemic and beyond is improving and maintaining IAQ and removing harmful contaminants to protect one another.

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ISO-Aire commercial air purifiers equipped with medical-grade HEPA filtration range from 250 CFM to 2000 CFM.

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