Israel-Based Cybersecurity Company TrustPeers Shares its Approach to Cyber Crisis Management in New Paper



Company’s incident response management platform sets industry standard

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, July 13, 2021 / — TrustPeers, an Israeli-based cybersecurity company that focuses on incident response management, recently published a paper on its website that advises companies on cyber crisis management in a post-COVID-19 business environment.

In the paper, cyber researcher and Founder & CEO of Security Joes, Ido Naor, writes, “Attackers took advantage of the fact that businesses sent their employees home and raided their office networks, knowing for sure that no one was around to stop them. That initially was the first step in moving to fully remote security services.”

Naor says that managing an incident response remotely requires four major roles: containment, recovery, forensics and negotiation.

Other topics of importance that Naor addresses in the paper are communication, business continuity, conditional access and documentation.

In discussing documentation, Naor notes, “Documenting an incident is a work of art. Drawing the flow of how patient zero was infected all the way to how machines were infected is not something that can be done autonomously by a security software.”

Naor concludes that “Organizations now understand that the ever-increasing complexity of cyberattacks, pandemics and other world-size disasters might require them to change the way they used to work along with the software they used to work with, the way they plan incident response steps and the way they perform incident response exercises. Autonomous cyber crisis management platforms will greatly assist responders to first assemble all communications into one place, record and control the content delivery in an incident, assist with gaining access in a convenient way and will also be much simpler for board members and organization owners to learn from an incident and narrow costs and business damage.”

Aviv Katz, the cofounder, chief technology officer and chief marketing officer of TrustPeers, says the company changes the traditional incident response paradigm by turning chaos into a controlled event that can be swiftly managed, mitigated and audited.

TrustPeers’ state-of-the art incident response approach includes an on-demand, multi-war room platform that enables companies to gain control over the crisis, from the planning phase to post-incident findings and conclusions. TrustPeers’ methodology is designed to prepare for worst-case, real-life scenarios to ensure business continuity and enforce the needed measures. “Our platform provides focus and tools to resolve the crisis efficiently, all within a single comprehensive, constantly up-to-date interface,” Katz said. “Using TrustPeers results in cost reduction of emergency measures, accelerated time-to-resolution and minimal damage in case of a cyber-attack.”

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About TrustPeers
TrustPeers is an incident response technology startup. It developed an innovative cyber crisis management platform that saves organizations in real time by allowing them to prepare for attacks and take control over cyber emergencies.

Its proprietary crisis management SaaS platform is based on a unique PPRP (Planning, Practice, Response, Post) methodology that revolutionizes existing incident response solutions by handling the entire incident lifecycle.

TrustPeers’ unique, leading approach to incident response sets a new industry standard on a global scale and changes the traditional paradigm to ensure best response in times of crisis.


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