IXI Design LLC Develops Stroke Management App for Quick and Easy Compilation of Critical Information

The Stroke Simulator app is specifically designed to act as an educational aide for healthcare workers in managing and treating stroke patients.

SPOKANE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, December 14, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — IXI Design LLC is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative Stroke Simulator app.

IXI Design LLC is a software company located in Spokane, WA, whose mission is to create programs that have a positive impact on people’s lives. The company specifically develops educational and utility software for various niches on Android and iOS platforms, working with a wide variety of clients from around the world.

In the company’s most recent news, IXI Design LLC is excited to inform healthcare providers about its newly launched Stroke Simulator app. The app, which is currently designed as an educational aide, can assist healthcare providers at various levels of knowledge and skill in obtaining critical stroke guidelines and criteria – with just a few simple clicks. The app acts similarly to a textbook and notes, while offering a more convenient and rapid way to acquire and process the information they need.

“Over the last 20 years, stroke care in the emergency room has undergone a sea of change, from ‘tough luck, here’s an Aspirin,’ to extraordinary treatment measures that give stroke victims a solid fighting chance,” says Dev, lead developer of the Stroke Simulator app. “Any and all of the current methods for providing stroke care require following numerous steps, following critical guidelines, and understanding key information. This is easier said than done and, at present, it can be difficult for healthcare providers to juggle this process, especially since an immense amount of data from various sources have to be processed at high speed.”

As such, the goal of the Stroke Simulator app is to serve as a learning tool to help healthcare providers learn how to rapidly compile and use information they require to manage and treat a stroke, including:

• 4.5-hour IV TPA guidelines

• 6-hour endovascular treatment guidelines

• DEFUSE 3 study criteria for the 6-16-hour time window

• DAWN study criteria for the 6-24-hour time window

• And more

The Stroke Simulator has been built, re-built, tested, and fine-tuned by a board-certified neurologist and team of experienced programmers.
For more information about the Stroke Simulator app, or to download, please visit http://neurology.us.com.

About the Company

Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of Spokane, WA, IXI Design LLC has been testing and developing software to support businesses in a wide array of niches and industries. Whether to support teachers or healthcare professionals, the company aims to ensure all of its apps have an educational and information focus.

IXI Design LLC

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