Jones Lang LaSalle on Track to Re-Open Nearly 100 U.S. Offices by End of July

Sustainable New York recently checked in with San Francisco-based commercial real estate firm Jones Lang LaSalle on the state of the office market and the company’s progress to re-open several properties by the end of the month.

In a world where all office space is being defined by its possibilities, Jones Lang LaSalle’s mission is to change office space as we know it. Creating flexible spaces to inspire work on whatever project or project we’re working on is a hallmark of a successful real estate business. It’s more than just “creating” flexibility, it’s about working smarter to achieve the highest office tenant retention.

Recently the company opened six new flexible spaces across five U.S. cities including San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Atlanta and New York. In San Francisco, our new SF@One project nearly doubles the size of a landmark office tower to the benefit of the tenants in what is now America’s most sought-after property. Seattle’s new Helix building will feature modern office and retail space and workspaces designed for millennial entrepreneurs and innovators.

Portland’s new Vantage Avenue includes 900,000 square feet of high-grade office space. Houston’s Convention Hall will rise and contribute to the local economy with the first bank headquarters in downtown Houston’s vibrant Energy Corridor. In Denver, VantaCore will feature 12 floor-plates available for lease across 55,000 square feet in the Pinnacle Park project at The Pinnacle at Town Center and 184,000 square feet of fully flexible office space in development at Greenwood Place in Greenwood Village.

The amenities delivered to Jones Lang LaSalle’s flex spaces are often unique to a specific space. For example, Work2Court in Seattle includes leather couches and natural textures as well as deep seating, and “flash treads” so guests can see through the entire space.

“We’re designed to bring in people from all over the world who want to work in this flexible environment and be entertained,” explained Linda Roche, director of product for Jones Lang LaSalle’s San Francisco region. “Guests coming into the space might end up staying for an extra day or doing a second night’s stay and all of that is a huge benefit to our portfolio.”

Our custom-designed design features flexible workspaces for more than just modern flexible spaces, but a complete suite of meeting and collaboration areas designed to create the right work-life balance to fit every company, from Silicon Valley to Hollywood. With all of the top entertainment companies requiring collaborative environments for their employees, Jones Lang LaSalle designed an entire floor dedicated to premium workspace environments.

It’s a space where individuals can nix their mobile devices in favor of touch screens or projectors, and where the traditional workspace becomes a place where work, play and collaboration are promoted and encouraged for the sake of our highly sought-after tenants.

Sustainable Work is growing and evolving to meet the expectations of the modern workforce. It’s also a space where architecture, building materials and technology have been elevated to the point where every party involved is a winner. One corner of the office has a special coating that is designed to reduce the amount of carbon in the air by as much as 95 percent and reduces water consumption by 35 percent.

The entire building is being constructed using buildings that are energy efficient and additional floor plates have innovative indoor ecosystems designed to reduce stress on the environment.

Like any outdoor bowl, it’s not built to seat 9,000 people. But there are many strategic ways our tenants can leverage the newly energized space.

According to Jones Lang LaSalle’s latest digital survey, Green Intensity Demand for New Spaces, 92 percent of CBD workers expect to become more digitally connected over the next five years and 75 percent of workforce will have at least some degree of virtual or augmented reality skills by 2025. The desire for spaces that inspire this creativity is a clear win for companies.

We provide the support that we offer to our clients — for use in their offices — to meet their goals and motivate our tenants to excel. That’s why, with the support of our associates, we’re on track to re-open nearly 100 U.S. offices by the end of July.

Jones Lang LaSalle (LLS) opened its first office in the United States in Chicago in 1873 and has been associated with real estate across the globe since that time. LLS now represents roughly 45 million square feet and has earned worldwide recognition for innovation and sustainability.

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