Julita Marshall Discusses Common Purposes of Human Resources

Julita Marshall

Julita Marshall

Julita Marshall of Aurora recently discussed the common purposes of human resources

AURORA, IL, UNITED STATES, December 8, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Human resources serve many functions. In fact, many employees are not entirely sure what human resources at their workplace does. Human resources expert Julita Marshall ofs Aurora recently discussed the many functions of HR and how it benefits workplaces of all kinds.

“The human resources department manages many company needs at a single time,” Julita Marshall said. “The goal is to maximize an organization’s efficiency, so they can maximize profit.”

Julita Marshall explained that Human Resources has changed drastically over the years. This integral part of a company is now fully integrated with the software. Processes that were once extremely time-consuming, such as employee reviews or nurturing employees, are now analytical and completely numbers-based. This ensures the process is 100-percent fair and not subject to personal opinion.

Julita Marshall explained that there are numerous careers available in HR, ranging from compensation and benefits specialists to labor relations manager, training and development manager, HR specialist, and more. Julita Marshall has more than 10 years of experience working in HR and is an expert in working with company leaders and implementing changes smoothly across the company. She held numerous roles in HR, from HR Business Partner to HR Project Manager, and more. She has now transferred to IT as a software engineer but stated that one of her favorite aspects of HR is the interaction with other individuals throughout the company.

“Human resources is now an umbrella term,” Julita Marshall said. “It’s used to describe the development and management of employees in a company. However, HR workers oversee countless parts of a company’s human capital.”

Julita Marshall started in the field as an HR Generalist. She was exposed to employee and labor relations working in union and non-union environments. Employee and labor relations focuses on relations with employees and with each other. Additionally, Julita Marshall successfully refined the performance management process at her company, provided employee relation guidance, used unique recruitment marketing tools to find superior applicants, and mastered learning and applying the latest HR technologies.

As a tech expert, Julita Marshall has worked to make many aspects of HR more software-based. This helps streamline processes and leaves less room for human error.

“Working in HR is difficult but rewarding work,” Julita Marshall of Aurora said. “Our goal is always to look out for everyone’s best interest, including employee satisfaction as well as company profits.”

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