Morrow to be Sworn in by Jeff Hewitt, the Highest-Ranking Elected Libertarian in California

HANFORD, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 13, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — On Tuesday, December 15th at 7 pm via a zoom.us video conference call, Kalish Morrow, Councilwoman-elect for District B will be sworn into office. Morrow won the November 3rd election with over 42% of the vote. She and her supporters ran a positive and unique campaign including park clean ups, charity activities including Habitat for Humanity™ and neighborhood by neighborhood canvasing. Morrow is one of six Libertarians elected to office in California last month. This is a record number in one election for the Libertarian Party of California.

“A big part of my goals for the City of Hanford is stimulating businesses and the local economy, protecting our parks and preserving our downtown.”, states Morrow. “I come from a background of local activism. And I plan to continue my hands-on, hard work in our neighborhoods.”. An ardent philanthropist in Hanford, Morrow founded the non-profit, Heart of Hanford to lead the preservation of historic downtown Hanford.

Morrow will be sworn in by Jeff Hewitt, Riverside County Board of Supervisors, who is an enthusiastic endorser of Morrow. “Kalish is the kind of candidate that reaches across party boundaries to focus on what the people of her city need to thrive – a better business climate and a stronger sense of cooperation and community.”, shares Hewitt.

Morrow is a registered Libertarian and while in office, plans to apply libertarian principles to her policy and plans. “As a member of Hanford’s City Council and as a Libertarian, I hope to apply my free-market values to bring greater prosperity to all citizens”. “We all value a business-friendly city and region, greater personal freedoms and smaller, less-stifling government.”, states Morrow.

Hanford Vice Mayor, Francisco Ramirez, says about Morrow, “I’m looking forward to working with Kalish, she will add to the council a reinvigorated energy as well as fresh and creative ideas.”. Ramirez recently changed his party affiliation to Libertarian from Democrat. Ramirez explains, “Having been both a registered Republican and Democrat in the past, I became disenchanted how those two parties limit or remove many of our freedoms. I became a Libertarian because it is the only party that truly fights for our freedoms and it fits my own political and social beliefs best.”.

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