KIMICA Corporation Receives Special Award at the JAPAN SDGs Award

KIMICA Corporation receives the Special Award (SDGs Partnership Award) at the 4th JAPAN SDGs Award at the Prime Minister’s Office.

CHUO-KU, TOKYO, JAPAN, December 22, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — On December 21, 2020, manufacturer of alginate, KIMICA Corporation (HQ: Tokyo, CEO: Fumiyoshi Kasahara), received the Special Award (SDGs Partnership Award) at the 4th JAPAN SDGs Award.

The organizer of the JAPAN SDGs Award is the SDGs Promotion Headquarters (Head: Prime Minister Suga, Co-head: Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato and Foreign Minister Motegi). The objective of this system is to reward companies and groups which have made excellent efforts toward setting sustainable development goals (SDGs). The winners are chosen at the SDGs Promotion Roundtable Meeting, where a wide range of stakeholders (the government, NGO/NPOs, experts, private sectors, international organizations, various organizations, and etc.) got together and exchanged their opinions.

KIMICA Corporation has risen as the top, world class manufacturing company by contributing to fulfill the SDGs within our main business activities over the years. We have also established a world class, top quality product supply system by maintaining our highly competitive nature as a private enterprise. Our efforts to practice the coexistence of economic value, environmental value, and social value are attracting attention as being able to become an international role model.

KIMICA Corporation will continue to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs through its main business activities

【Our efforts to contribute to the achievement of SDGs】
1) Instead of cutting up living seaweed, we utilize drifting seaweed that has washed up on the shore and give it another purpose of becoming an effective material with added value (alginate) instead of letting it decay and returning to carbon dioxide.
2) We have established a sustainable business model of gaining competitiveness through various ingenuity, such as establishing a manufacturing method that does not use electricity or heat sources.
3) For 30 years, we have contributed to not only improving lives of fishermen in Chile involved in the seaweed trade, but also prevented the overexploitation of seaweed by continually investing in companies despite varying market conditions.
4) Since the expansion into Chile in the 1980s, we continue to work with local fishermen to prevent overexploitation of seaweed and support the cultivation of marine algae along the Chilean coast, contributing to the conservation of seaweed.
5) We made various investments to reduce the environmental impact caused by our facilities (installation of solar panels on the roof of factories, introduction of production equipment with reduced environmental load, etc.).

Please go to our website to learn more about our efforts mentioned above.

【About KIMICA Corporation】
KIMICA Corporation was the first company to industrially produce alginate, a natural polysaccharide, and has been distributing alginate for 80 years since. KIMICA is the only company in Japan that produces alginate, and the sales share in the domestic market has grown to over 80%. In fields where high grade and high quality are required for foods and pharmaceuticals, we are proud to have the world’s top production volume.
With a production system that ensures a stable supply and a research system that promises high quality, we are able to offer a wide range of thickening polysaccharides in addition to alginate such as chitin, chitosan, CMC, and xanthan gum. We are also able to support a wide range of production needs, from small-quantity spot production to mass production.

【Contact Us】
KIMICA Corporation, Project Promotion Lead: Zentaro Kasahara
Phone:+81-0439-87-1131 E-mail:kasahara-z@kimica.jp

Zentaro Kasahara
KIMICA Corporation
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