Landmark Heart Rhythm Research Utilizing the Magnesphere Has Been Published in Heart Rhythm O2 Journal

In this first in human study regarding paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation, low level electromagnetic stimulation results in significantly shorter episodes of AFib

CLEARWATER, FL, US, July 1, 2021 / — The Heart Rhythm Society’s latest Heart Rhythm O2 research journal published exciting results involving the Magnesphere and its impact Atrial Fibrillation (AF). The research team was studying the effect of using a low-level electro-magnetic field (LL-EMF) to reduce the affects of AF in heart patients. AF is one of the most common heart conditions treated in a clinical setting.

Magneceutical Health provided a custom-built Magnesphere for the study (one that could be used during a surgery). One group received LL-EMF stimulation from the Magnesphere for 60 minutes and a control group was positioned in the Magnesphere as if they were being treated but received no LL-EMF stimulation. Both groups then received a stimulus that would normally induce AF, and were carefully monitored to measure the outcome.

The results were very impressive and validated the hypothesis that LL-EMF may help reduce the duration of AF. Their finding was that “LL-EMF application resulted in a statistically significant reduction in pacing induced AF duration after 60 minutes of stimulation as compared to sham stimulation.” Importantly “ fewer patients in the LL-EMF group required cardioversion after the 60-minute period (1/7 vs. 5/6)”. The findings also noted: “There were no adverse events related to the study device.”

We would like to thank Dr. Daniel Sohinki of the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University, and the University of Oklahoma’s Heart Rhythm Institute. The Institutions supporting this Study are encouraged by the results and are currently considering further research involving larger studies to confirm the application of LL-EMF in treating heart disease.

Follow these links for the the research at or view the download the pdf.

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