Latest Volume of Epic WW II Air Combat Saga, To So Few – Struggle, Published

FOUNTAIN HILLS, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, July 5, 2021 / — To So Few – Struggle, the ninth volume of Cap Parlier’s epic World War II air combat saga has been released by Saint Gaudens Press. Parlier’s popular fictional account of Allied pilots in the war brings readers into 1943 and gives both a splendid account of the life of his main character, heroic pilot Captain Brian Drummond, as well as a detailed integration of world events that set the stage for the book’s action.

Against the advice of others, as a famous US Army Air Forces ace, Brian chooses to return to combat after the successful stateside National War Bond Drive. Back in England, Brian is reunited with his wife, Charlotte, and their growing son. The Western Allies have finally taken the offensive against the Germans and begun the process of creating a genuine Second Front, as the Russians finally turn the corner and stop the German advance at Stalingrad, encircling and capturing the entire German Sixth Army. The 8th Air Force concentrates on the strategic bombing campaign, while the 8th Fighter Command struggle to support the bombers as a consequence of their inadequate range. The 334th Fighter Squadron transitions from their beloved Mark V Spitfires to new P-47D Thunderbolts. Trevor ‘Diamond’ Andersen enters Germany to encourage and support the White Rose Resistance Group, only to narrowly escape capture by the Gestapo. The White Rose group are executed by the Nazis, while Trevor completes his arduous extraction to safety. The Russian finally begin to push back the Germans, as the Western Allies liberate North Africa, invade Sicily and Italy, and turn the Italians against the Germans. The planning for the invasion of France is well underway, when Roosevelt and Churchill agree that General Dwight ‘Ike’ Eisenhower will be the Supreme Commander for the Normandy invasion next spring.

The saga continues.

Cap Parlier is already at work on the next volume of this epic military saga. Saint Gaudens Press expects the next volume in 2022.

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