Law Student Menos Hiras to Upgrade Highly Successful Blog for Law Students

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — A popular new blog site by law student Menos Hiras, which features proven tips for effectively navigating law school, has garnered higher-than-expected online rankings and will thus undergo a full revamping in 2021.

The blog website can be accessed at http://www.menoshiras.com/. Menos Hiras said that after the website was launched in early 2020, its performance immediately exceeded expectations. The website earned three times the traffic initially anticipated and ranked high in search engine page results for multiple keywords. Due to the website’s success, Hiras has decided to upgrade the website to make it even more intuitive for his fans. Version 2.0 of the site will be ready for release early in 2021, according to Hiras.

Hiras said he initially created the website’s content and blogs to help aspiring lawyers to successfully apply for law school and then complete their law school coursework with confidence. Months after the website’s launch, he decided to further add value to the website by introducing informational videos to the site to complement the site’s existing content.

Through the website’s Web pages, blogs, and videos, readers can learn how to master law school interviews and write winning admission statements, for example. They can also learn how to showcase their most noteworthy academic achievements, as well as how to secure influential recommendation letters.

The website additionally outlines the challenges that come with being a law school student. For instance, Hiras explains that instructors generally use the Socratic method when facilitating lectures, rather than delivering traditional professor-led lectures. He also highlights the fact that new law school students must quickly learn the legal jargon used in their classes, which can be overwhelming.

Menos Hiras emphasized that Version 2.0 of the website will continue to offer helpful tips for law school students but will be easier for users to navigate, thus elevating the user experience even more in 2021.

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