Learning Evolution Takes Action against Category Management Association for Antitrust and Unfair Competition

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The Category Management Association (CMA) entered an exclusive agreement with Canadian firm Category Management Knowledge Group (CMKG) as a single competitor

Unfortunately increased antitrust is another trend smaller businesses are now facing, we believe “Big Tech” and industry need increased scrutiny.”

— Scott Matthews, CEO

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 10, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Learning Evolution a leader in online training and certification training, has filed an antitrust and unfair competition lawsuit in federal court against the Category Management Association (“CMA”), a retail industry trade association owned and managed by private equity firm MGMT3D, Canadian training company Category Management Knowledge Group (“CMKG”), and associated executives.

The complaint, filed in the Southern District of California, also asserts claims for Interference with Contract, Interference with Economic Prospective, among others. Learning Evolution suit seeks compensatory damages in excess of $8M dollars, treble and exemplary damages, as well as injunctive relief. The lawsuit is ongoing, and details of the case cannot be openly discussed at this time.

Background – In 2004, the CMA was established for CPG and Retail category management professionals and to create and establish industry skill standards. Learning Evolution actively engaged and participated as a member and became one of the first accredited training providers in 2012 and maintained CMA accreditation up until 2019. It was in February 2019 that the CMA notified Learning Evolution that its membership status, access to conference events, and ability to market coursework as accredited had been revoked due to an exclusive strategic alliance with a single competitor, CMKG.

Learning Evolution alleges that these actions, in reducing options for training, content, and expertise, are harming individual companies, the marketplace at large, and in turn the consumer. Unfortunately increased antitrust is another trend smaller businesses are now facing, we believe “Big Tech” and industry need increased scrutiny. Learning Evolution will continue to operate and support its partners in CPG, Retail, and Higher Education with the highest quality content, support, and technology during this process.

If you would like to comment or ask a question Learning Evolution will be available to answer to the best of its ability.

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