Lee Otto MN Featured in Article Discussing the Impact of Technology on the Way Products are Sold

ALEXANDRIA, MINNESOTA , UNITED STATES, December 21, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Inside and remote sales leader Lee Otto was recently featured in an article on BitRebels. He primarily discussed how technology has impacted the ways in which products are sold.

Lee Otto MN is a sales expert with many years of experience under his belt. His areas of expertise range from revenue growth and solution-selling to value-based programs and telecommute sales. Otto has dedicated his career to helping his clients achieve their business goals through leveraging a variety of market strategies.

In the article, Otto touches on how technology and sales go hand in hand. As someone in the sales industry, he has witnessed the transformation that technology has brought on the industry and believes that it has only made the possibility for sales greater.

The discussion of the impact of technology in the article is broken down into three key points including going mobile, going global, and data at the heart of the sales process.

Going mobile refers to smartphones, devices that Lee Otto believes all salespeople need to harness in order to be successful. Otto notes that people today are far more likely to make purchases on the go using their mobile phones. Buying online is simply easier and more convenient, which has led many businesses to start taking advantage of this lucrative medium. Otto cites a few examples of ways that businesses have adapted to this new mobile world, including having mobile-friendly and responsive websites and product configurations that are tailored to specific customers.

Second, Lee Otto MN discussed how technology has made global markets accessible to all.

“Geopolitical boundaries are no longer an obstacle as far as sales are concerned. Whether the client lives in the same county or on a different continent, technology has made it possible to reach them,” he said.

This allows salespeople to think outside of the box and gain experience marketing to people beyond their local demographic.

Finally, the article wraps up with a discussion of data-driven sales being the new go-to thanks to technology. Lee Otto claims that sales models today are based on tried and tested data and it is the job of each salesperson to leverage these new data-driven strategies in order to give them the best chance of reaching their ideal customer. Otto believes that data doesn’t just help salespeople sell more products, it also helps them monitor their performance and progress.

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Lee Otto MN is an inside and remote sales leader based in Alexandria, Minnesota. He specializes in a wide range of sales-related fields, including sales strategies and revenue growth, inside/telecommute/remote sales, B2B and B2C, solution-selling, and value-based programs. Further, he is dedicated to helping his clients succeed and exceed their business goals.

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