Little Luxury Closet: The Hottest Children’s Boutique Celebrities Shop at

LA, CA, USA, December 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Little Luxury Closet strives to create pieces that speak for themselves in the fashion world. As an online boutique, they provide stylish and trendy pieces that parents and children love.

Little Luxury Closet is a baby and children’s online boutique that sells trendy, stylish and fashionable baby and children’s clothing, accessories and other essentials, with outfits for boys and girls for every occasion. Little Luxury Closet also provides the services of a personal shopper in the event that their customers or their children require some styling assistance.

Little Luxury Closet creates pieces that are hip, trending, and mostly importantly comfortable. Little Luxury Closet creates and designs their pieces with children in mind, ensuring that they design pieces children will love and feel comfortable in.

Founder of Little Luxury Closet, Paulette Sharov commented “We are a brand that creates fashionable wear specifically suited to babies and children, our mission is to provide stylish trendy children’s pieces that are stunning and desirable, pieces that allow the younger generation to express themselves through fashion”. At Little Luxury Closet, they strive to design and piece together clothes and outfits that make a fashion statement.

Little Luxury Closet pieces are inspired and influenced by a combination of vintage styles and modern fashion trends that all come together in their unique clothing collection. From their unisex children’s boots, cool kids hats and even their unique designer jackets are all created to make an impression on those who wear them and those who see them being worn by others. Boys get to feel like the coolest kids on the block and girls get to dress up in their favorite dress styles as if they were real-life princesses. Little Luxury Closet has something for every young person, whether its clothing, shoes, accessories or even essentials.

Little Luxury Closet is also a celebrity favorite. Countless celebrities shop at Little Luxury Closet for their little ones, including Toya Wright and R&B singer Queen Naija and Jayda Cheaves to mention a few. Rapper Lil Baby son, Loyal was spotted wearing a navy Little Luxury Closet puffer jacket, while Queen Naija’s two sons were seen wearing a navy and silver Little Luxury Closet jacket, and Toya Wright’s daughter, Reign, was seen wearing the same puffer jacket as Rapper Lil Baby son, Loyal, however her’s was in a pale pink color.

According to Paulette Sharov, these items sold out minutes after these celebrity children were seen wearing them and Little Luxury Closet has grown in popularity ever since. Toya Wright, Queen Naija and Rapper Lil Baby are not the only celebrities who have dressed their children in Little Luxury Closet clothing and accessories, they are however the ones that brought Little Luxury Closet the most attention and into the spotlight.

Little Luxury Closet has left their mark in the children’s fashion world, bringing a uniqueness and creativity never before seen in baby and children’s clothing. They are stepping out of the box by creating bold and daring pieces that many other clothing designers and stylists would never dream of. At Little Luxury Closet, they hope to embed a degree of personality and individuality into every single piece they produce, allowing children to exude confidence and be comfortable and happy while wearing Little Luxury Closet clothing and accessories.

Little Luxury Closet was born out of Paulette Sharov’s childhood love of clothing and fashion. At the age of 16, Paulette Sharov started working at a luxury clothing retail department store and that was where her dreams of owning her own luxury clothing boutique began. Little Luxury Closet was established with the mission of creating exquisite pieces for babies and children. They also offer the services of a professional stylist and strive to cultivate meaningful relationships with every one of their customers, not only celebrities. At Little Luxury Closet, they piece various trendy and fashionable pieces together to create stylish and one-of-a-kind appearances for their customers. As an online boutique with no physical location, Little Luxury Closet offers free shipping for purchases above $200 and provides 24-hour professional yet tailored customer care support.

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