Local Pet Supply Chain Achieves Booming Success with Auto Delivery & Curbside Pickup

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Healthy Pet Austin has become a pioneer in the pet industry with a curbside pickup and auto delivery website that averages $60,000 a month.

my expected outcome was exactly what I got, a team that could help me build the website and help me manage it on an ongoing basis.”

— Trevor MacKellar

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 7, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Healthy Pet Austin of Austin, Texas, is a full line pet supply store with multiple locations and big aspirations. Owner, Trevor MacKellar, felt it was imperative to find “the proper platform that can sustain the growth of the business” and integrate with their systems seamlessly. After working with an online retailer that gave Trevor and his team a clunky, problem filled website with no way to differentiate orders for each location, he knew it was time to move forward. With some research into key industry players, Trevor found New Media Retailer (NMR) who provided an easy “one-stop shop” for all his website needs.

NMR took the time to understand Trevor, his business, and his business goals. Together, they brainstormed solutions for this multi-location pet store. Trevor noted that it was “important to figure out which locations would be responsible for fulfilling orders. This was a pre-existing issue since we opened the second location in 2015 and we never had a solution for it until working with NMR in 2019.” With NMR’s valuable industry knowledge, the team recommended using the ecommerce platform called Shopify, which would allow Trevor to filter orders by store location.

A few months after going live, Trevor wanted to provide his customers with more online shopping options. After working with his NMR specialist, the two came up with a solution to start a service typically used in big box stores or online retailers where customers could subscribe to automatic orders via delivery or shipping. Through these solutions, Healthy Pet Austin was able to leverage themselves as a local hub for curbside pickup and delivery and as a competitor for big box stores and other online retailers.

Trevor and his team saw tremendous results since going live, such as:

• Staff can now use the online catalog as a tool in store.
• Customers can start a subscription for either delivery or shipping.
• Revenue has progressed from $1,300 per month in 2019 to $60,000 per month amidst the pandemic in 2021.
• A clean website attracted vendors and led to co-op marketing dollars, which made this venture more affordable for Trevor.

When Trevor was asked about his experience with NMR, he said “my expected outcome was exactly what I got, a team that could help me build the website and help me manage it on an ongoing basis.” In fact, what Trevor enjoyed most about the outcome of his website was the ability to “adapt and to never stop progressing with the new customer of the modern age and be a valiant player in the industry and compete with the big box stores.” This store’s success shows that an online presence and adapting to consumer behavior is an important task for small businesses in today’s market.

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