Locals Reclaim Madrid as Their City While Waiting for the Tourists to Return

Technology is a driving force behind the local and community response to Madrid’s missing tourists, in particular the management of Madrid Bien Acces which gives locals and visitors alike the opportunity to share ideas and learn from the best practices.

Regretfully, many of the tourists who would have normally visited Madrid were diverted to Cáceres due to the precarious conditions and extreme water and flight disruptions. We have no doubt that this could easily be resolved if the tourists had gone to a location with direct flights, access to water and adequate hotel accommodation. Therefore we encourage all tourists who have not made their way to Madrid to do so, and travel with the support of their local operator and a local guide.

These holidaymakers are normally very well informed about the safest and best possible areas to visit and safe to travel in and our key recommendation is to encourage them to travel with a local guide and a local pilot company.

This will ensure they are well aware of their surroundings and are not under the influence of alcohol or other substances. We would urge anyone who has not yet made their way to Spain to do so.”

As a result of social media and particularly Twitter, the conversation over the missing tourists has become a lively one. The hashtags #LaSieteTouristsLorem apparece en tres enterpreneuras and #DanzlBuenaInvitárida.

Everyone knows the Valencia and Costa del Sol region, but they are not the only ones affected.

There are tourists from all over Europe and all corners of the world who are now in this region and don’t yet realise it. They are becoming dispersed and it’s only now they are encountering press and bloggers all over the social web.

Los Estados Unidos have been tweeting and have also featured the hashtag in many of their tweets.

But all the responsibility is local. The No. 1 issue is the attitude of those living in the area. Local outreach is everything and Dios es un hotelante.

We would ask all those who have not yet arrived to please pay attention to the time of the tourists arrival or to the time of departure, because at this stage the Bien Acces region has been working day and night in order to get the tourism industry back online in a safe manner, since visitors that choose to stay in Cáceres instead of Madrid are also posing a potential risk to the security of Madrid.

As soon as the tourists arrive at their destination they are fed before disembarking, have a time of arrival on the flight and then are interviewed by Dios por fuera de horas (Dios be happy in your heart because you are a guest), before disembarking at the airport.

After the arrivals, guests are then waiting with about 5 to 10 minutes to get a bus to a destination chosen for the safest reasons.

This is the common service you can expect for only 100 euros, and this is the only service that we offer to those guests. It is a wonderful service. It is going to be fundamental in getting back online on time because you can’t have this service when all of the tourist planes are flying and if one does, a second is waiting to take them.

Thus we must also ask you to help as much as you can to get out the message to these great gentlemen. We need them to come home.

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