The striking cover of The Wibbley Brothers' new album

Mornin’ Jack re-creates the imagery of The Wibbley Brothers’ first album, using the same models.

Wibbley Brothers finish “Mornin’ Jack” because there is nothing else to do.

LONDON, UK, December 15, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Wibbley Brothers are releasing their second album, 38 years after the first. ‘Mornin’ Jack’ follows their remarkable 1982 debut ‘The Wibbley Brothers Go Weird’ and again presents an eclectic mix of eccentricity, pop sensibilities and silliness.
Though work on the follow-up started in 1983, the brothers are easily distracted and never quite got round to completing the album.
“However, in lockdown, there were eventually no other displacement activities left,” explains band member Terry Wibbley. “When we had finished re-roofing the shed we ran out of tasks and sorting out the album was the only thing to do.”
23 tracks later, Mornin’ Jack is complete and now available on CD and digital download. The cover updates the striking image used for the cover of Go Weird, and is posed by the same models, albeit somewhat older.
Go Weird attained cult status between its debut in 1982 and re-release in 2015, with copies selling for over £100 on Ebay. The new album is more agricultural in content. That’s not a euphemism as many of the tracks feature the Wibbley Brothers’ take on rural life.
The latter stages of recording and mixing were done remotely. “Rather like Trigger’s broom,” commented Ronnie Wibbley, “we have replaced most of the elements of the recordings over the years, in some cases several times. The result is refreshingly new, yet still rooted in the traditional Wibbley values of bafflement, laughter and larking about.
“The first album took about 38 hours to record. This one longer. We will try hard to make sure our third is released before 2058,” he concluded.
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Notes to editors:
Mornin’ Jack is available on CD and digital download from Bandcamp: https://thewibbleybrothers.bandcamp.com/album/mornin-jack
Review downloads and CDs on request.

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