Loud News Net Ranks All 139 Gang Starr Songs

An East Coast-based media organization that’s known for having the most potent content on the internet ranks Gang Starr’s songs.

PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND, UNITED STATES, December 16, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Representatives with Loud News Net announced today that it has ranked all 139 Gang Starr songs.

“We developed a scientific methodology to rank all 139 Gang Starr songs from worst to best,” said The Mean, spokesperson for Loud News Net, a counter-culture, aggressive, authentic, and trusted news organization that’s known for getting noticed by the biggest names in hip-hop. “Songs were categorized by album. Each song was listened to during the scoring process.”

The Mean went on to reveal that there was a lot of thought about how to rank the Gang Starr catalog.

“My decision was to develop a methodology that looked at the input from both Guru and Premier in the song’s success,” The Mean said, before adding, “I also ranked for songs with cuts, which are a hallmark of the group’s classic songs. I also wanted to rank the songs within the context of their release date and the album they were released on. It was sort of a mess, but the results make sense.”

The Mean noted that Loud News Net tried to capture all widely released Gang Starr songs. This includes:

• No More Mr. Nice Guy (1989), including three 2001 reissue bonus tracks: “Dedication,” “The Lesson,” and “Here’s the Proof.”

• Step in the Arena (1990)

• Daily Operation (1992)

• Hard to Earn (1994)

• Moment of Truth (1998)

And more. The ranking of Gang Starr songs can be viewed here (loudnewsnet.com/every-gang-starr-song-ranked-scientific-and-painful-process).

In addition, Loud News Net, which recently launched its weekly newsletter that empowers subscribers with exclusive content, offers, and merchandise, is slated to launch its “Best of” eBook series by the end of 2020. These eBooks will contain the “best of” for each of the channels on the website. They will be available for free to anyone who signs up for its weekly newsletter.

Loud News Net is an independently owned and operated online media organization. It has grown its community of passionate users through organic social media and bringing the authentic cannabis lifestyle to the internet.

Loud News Net, which is specifically designed for cannabis consumers, hip hop enthusiasts, progressives, liberals, active streamers, gamers, artists, and creatives, recently redesigned its website to includes a wider range of coverage through five virtual channels for exclusive and unique content.

Loud News Net is cannabis-friendly and welcomes a wide range of brand partnerships. The company focuses on social justice, hip hop culture, music, cannabis lifestyle, streaming, gaming, the state of the world, and life.

“We create opinionated, provocative, and engaging content for our audience,” The Mean said, “I invite everyone to check out what we’ve been building.”

For more information, please visit https://loudnewsnet.com.


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