Marc Stocco Releases Article Detailing Expectations for Major League Baseball in 2021

SURREY, BRITISH COLUMBIA , CANADA , December 22, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Marc Stocco of Surrey, BC is an avid baseball fan. He has also been playing baseball competitively from a very young age, so the sport definitely comes naturally to him at this point. As a player and a fan, Marc has certainly noticed a lot of change surrounding baseball caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Having witnessed the successful completion of last year’s MLB season, Marc is optimistic about the next season which will begin in a few months on April 30th, 2021.

In a recent article featured on incrediblethings.com, Marc Stocco provides an insider look at what fans can expect to see when the MLB season gets underway. While there is plenty of optimism related to this new season, Stocco notes that there is still some change to be expected. For one thing, fans in the stands will not be a reality for every team. Although the league may lose billions in ticket sales, safety precautions and social distancing measures may still be in effect by the time the season begins.

Marc Stocco is a pitcher currently playing for the University of the Fraser Valley. As such, he is aware of the challenges faced by athletes who are removed from their regular routine. This may be a factor for Major League players again in 2021, as there are talks that training camp may be delayed or shortened prior to the 2021 season as well.

From a business perspective, there will definitely be some hurdles to jump for players and management in the majors. For one thing, the collective bargaining agreement is set to expire after this upcoming season, which means both sides will have to come to the bargaining table after two unconventional seasons where players and owners alike were forced to make significant sacrifices.

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Marc Stocco is a student athlete currently playing baseball at the University of the Fraser Valley. Originally from Surrey, BC, Marc has been playing baseball for most of his life. As a pitcher, he is continuously looking for ways to improve his game and get an edge on opposing batters. Off the diamond, Marc enjoys following Major League Baseball and keeping up to date on the latest developments in the game.

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