Marc Stocco Shares Article on the Challenges of Being a Student Athlete

SURREY, BRITISH COLUMBIA , CANADA, December 22, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Athletes, perhaps more than anyone else, are definitely creatures of habit. That is one of the main points made in a recent article from Marc Stocco, a student athlete from Surrey, BC. In the recent article for bitrebels.com, Marc shares first hand insight on what challenges he has faced during his career as a student athlete. A pitcher for the Univeristy of the Fraser Valley men’s baseball team, Marc spends his time balancing his study schedule with his practice schedule during the baseball season. While no two student athletes are exactly alike, there are many similar challenges each will face during their time at college or university.

Time management is one of the biggest factors that has an impact on a student athlete’s life. Balancing school, practice and games, all while maintaining an active and healthy social life can be tricky. The added stress associated with that balancing act makes it all the more challenging, which is why, above all else, Marc Stocco advises fellow student athletes to seek out ways of reducing daily stress levels if possible.

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has certainly taken a toll on student athletes’ ability to maintain a routine and reduce the stress in their life. Often times, a good way to relax and decompress from the stress of studying and competing is by socializing. The social distancing measures taken by most provinces and institutions in Canada has definitely made that method of stress reduction far less viable than ever before.

Marc Stocco advises student athletes facing significant levels of stress and other challenges related to their dual roles at school to remain aware of what motivated them to become a student athlete in the first place. In many cases, a pure love of sport and competition can motivate student athletes to overcome challenges common to their role at school.

Marc Stocco is a student from Surrey, BC. He has spent most of his young life playing baseball at a competitive level. Marc Stocco has been involved in baseball for most of his life. He is a passionate player and a solid teammate who shows dedication to the sport on and off the field. These days, Marc pitches for the University of the Fraser Valley Mens baseball team.

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