Maria Danell’s Poems Chronicles Life Changes, Journey to Australia

Tartan-Love by Maria Danell

Tartan-Love by Maria Danell

Maria Danell

Maria Danell

“Tartan-Love” portrays life’s up and downs, joys of motherhood and travel via rhyme and verse

AUSTRALIA, June 8, 2021 / — “Tartan-Love” chronicles a hectic yet pivotal period in Maria Danell‘s life, a time full of challenges and changes, self-realization and ultimately growth that she captures and conveys with rhyme and verse. In the pages of this poetry collection readers will see a mother reckoning with her son’s teenage rebellion, how that independence caused Danell to reassess her own life, and how she started charting a new path in life as a result.

Danell uses poetry as a medium of marking significant moments in her life journey for posterity, like a chronicle. She then expounds upon the importance of these events, delving into the deeper issues they tie into such as modern life styles, questions about human existence, and more. Readers will follow Danell as she goes from low points, experiences numerous frustrations, and gradually reverses this downward course and rediscovers herself. Traveling to Australia and connecting with its wild beauty was a key part of this, and her poems convey how the transformative experience she had in that Garden of Eden. She also shares fresh observations of life in Australia, the country herself, and a horse trip through the Australian bush. These poems also show how the act of writing helped her process these experiences and contributed to her growth and development.

“Things happen in life, good or bad, life sometimes plays jokes with us; times change, relationships end, pandemics happen… no one likes talking too much about their emotions, sometimes we are even ashamed of them. So, I think that writing is also a sort of regular working on our emotions, observations, convictions, beliefs, opinions, everyday joys, or sadness. I did not realize at that time, but my writing was probably also a sort of psycho-dynamic therapy, which I might have needed at that time of an increased chaos in my life.” Danell says. She also realized that her poems are a gift that can help others as they helped her, which motivated her to share them to a wider audience.

“Once published, my poems belong to everybody not just to me and they deserve being shown to those who may enjoy them or benefit from reading them. Maybe one day, at dusk, someone will be sitting in an armchair on a veranda with a glass of wine or a cup of tea and are going to enjoy these drops of ink I have published.” Danell explains.

About the Author
Maria Danell was born in Poland and had a German husband, allowing her to move to West Germany. An avid lover of art and music, she would shift to studying pharmacy in Germany and later pursued a career as a pharmacist in not only Germany but also the United Kingdom and Australia.

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