Marketing Your Law Practice: A Template You Can Get Started

marketing your law practice

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, USA, December 12, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — They don’t teach you about marketing your law practice in law school. If you started your law career at a big law firm, you probably didn’t learn about marketing your practice there either. You were probably so busy working on the partners’ clients, that you did not even realize how important it was to learn about marketing.

Now, you might be on your own, or you might be in a small law firm, or you might be at that point in the big firm when you need to start getting your own clients in order to make partner. In any of those situations, you know that you need to put some time and energy into marketing your law practice so that your career can move forward.

The problem is – building a law practice takes time. Some say that it will be about 2-3 years before you start to enjoy the fruits of your marketing labors. What does that mean? That, if you haven’t already established a marketing plan, now is the time. If you don’t start now, a year from now you will wish you had started now.

A Template You Can Use for Your Practice

In this article, we will provide a template of a series of things that you can do right now to get the marketing started. Will it take some time? Sure. Will it pay dividends over time? Absolutely. As they say, “you’ve gotta be in it to win it.” So, let’s get started with marketing your law practice today.

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The Basics

Before diving into our template of what you can do today for marketing your law practice, let’s just set the stage with the marketing tools that you should already have in place. If you are missing any of these basic marketing tools, then be sure to look at our previous blogs to learn about how to get those tools ready to go.

In short, the template we will discuss assumes that you already have the following:

1. A law firm website;
2. The ability to post blogs on your site;
3. A dedicated email address for your law practice; and
4. A LinkedIn profile.

If you have those basics, then let’s get started.

Simple “Marketing Your Law Practice” Template

The template we suggest in this article is a low-budget, diversified approach that can be employed at regular intervals for maximum impact.

This template has three particular goals in mind. These three goals are relatively basic goals appropriate for any law practice. Should you have different marketing goals then you can adjust as needed.

The three goals are to:

1. Increase your online presence and credibility;
2. Connect with your list of leads on a regular basis;
3. Increase the chances of referrals.

As a consequence, there are three marketing strategies that you need to employ, which we will discuss here. The three strategies are:

1. Blogging to attract organic leads from potential clients running a Google search;
2. An email campaign to connect with leads regularly; and
3. An engaging LinkedIn presence.

1. Blogging

The first marketing activity you should do is commit to writing a marketing article for your practice on a regular basis. Whether it is once per month, or once per week, you need to make sure that you periodically put new content on your website regularly. A website is not a “set it and forget it” kind of marketing tool.

Before you blog, you should also make a list of keywords that you think potential clients would type into a Google search if they were looking for an attorney who provides services in your area of practice. Then, make sure that you put those keywords into your blog articles.

2. Email Campaign

For a successful email campaign, you need one key ingredient – a list of leads. So, if you do not have a client list (in the old days we referred to your Rolodex), then you need to make one. That is a list of those who you think would benefit from your services, or who might refer you to potential clients.

With your list, you should take the blogs you write on a regular basis and send it to your list once per month or so (do not inundate your list, or you will lose credibility).

3. LinkedIn

Having a strong professional network will pay off over time, with solid connections and possible referrals. So, make sure that you take the time to have your LinkedIn profile complete, and looking great.

Finally, in the crush of day-to-day work, you might not have the time to employ the above template. So, get a company help with marketing your law practice, like Oamii.

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