Mary Bolton Performs Live Music This New Year’s Eve, Featuring Her New Song, Goodbye 2020

Mary Bolton #VirtualMusicParty

Mary Bolton #VirtualMusicParty December 31, 2020

Mary Bolton It's Christmas 122520

Mary Bolton It’s Christmas 122520

Mary Bolton Smooth Jazz

Mary Bolton Smooth Jazz

Bolton’s 41st weekly #VirtualMusicParty is scheduled for December 31 at 8 pm central on Facebook Live

I want to say thank you, Mary. I’m trying to pump your numbers up this week, because it’s really great – not just reaching out to her students but using her talents to brighten the day.”

— Governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, USA, December 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — With the music venues and bars closed across much of the USA this holiday season in order to curb the spread of COVID-19, Mary Bolton continues to bring live music weekly on Facebook Live to thousands of fans across the country.

This week, Bolton’s #VirtualMusicParty, Rock Country Fun to Bring in ’21, takes place Thursday, December 31 at 8 pm central, featuring a new song, Goodbye 2020!, Bolton wrote to commemorate the end of a tumultuous year. Performed to the melody of Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Bolton’s original lyrics recount the struggles of a lost year and the anticipation of returning to a new normal in 2021.

When the stay-at-home order was announced earlier this year in mid-March, elementary school music teacher turned music performer, Mary Bolton, stepped up to fill the void, providing live music each Friday night for forty-one weeks in 2020 at 8 pm on Facebook Live at her page @MaryBoltonMusic.

Bolton’s smooth, sultry voice and keyboard skills allows her to move easily between the rock, country, smooth jazz, folk, trop rock and holiday genres. Every Friday night Mary performs – what she calls a @VirtualMusicParty – a 75-minute musical show emceed by her husband, Chuck, at their Orono, Minnesota home.

This Thursday, December 31, Mary will performs a special New Year’s Eve performance at 8 pm central. Her set, Rock Country Fun to Bring in ’21, features covers from Journey, Bon Jovi, The Black Crowes, Poison, Cheap Trick, Pat Benatar, Luke Bryan, Gretchen Wilson, Garth Brooks and many others.

When Minnesota Governor Tim Walz shut down schools and ordered stay-at-home in mid-March, schools began distance learning shortly afterwards. While Mary’s first priority is her daily teaching, she felt there was more impact that could be made to help others through music. As a lover of live music, with the live music venues closed, Mary took matters in her own hands, to lift the hearts and spirits of others and help them forget about their worries every Friday night.

Mary Bolton’s purpose is, “I know how powerful music can be in someone’s life and how much joy and positive energy it can add. My purpose is to bring joy to young and old by sharing songs that inspire.” She lives her purpose each days as music teacher at Hanover Elementary School and now as a Friday night musical performer.

Mary said, “People miss going out and hearing live music. We’re all stuck at home for the foreseeable future. But people can still enjoy live music. We just have to be a little more creative.”

Since her first #VirtualMusicParty, Mary has sung and performed forty-one Fridays typically performing 14 songs. Each week brings a new theme and Mary has performed over 580 songs from 169 artists. The livecast is full of audience participation and engagement, with her husband commentating and giving online shout outs to make the viewers a part of the party. Mary enjoys a global audience with fans from across the USA and regular viewers from Canada, Japan, Taiwan, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Each week’s performance is chronicled @MaryBoltonMusic with the videos receiving over 200,000 views.

On May 7, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz called out Mary and her weekly Facebook Live events as his “Good Story of the Day”, during his COVID update. Walz said, “I want to say thank you for that, Mary. I’ trying to pump your numbers up this week, because it’s really great – not just reaching out to her students or others but using her talents to kind of brighten the day.”

Mary said, “With the live music scene being shaky due to the crisis, I plan on continuing to perform Friday nights on Facebook Live until we get back to a new normal.”

Mary Bolton’s story, Bringing Joy to Young and Old by Sharing Songs That Inspire, is shared in the bestselling book, 19 Fighting COVID-19: Unsung Heroes Creating Impact During the Pandemic and Unrest, available at Amazon.

With the COVID-19 crisis raging and many suffering from illness, fear, loneliness and grief, Mary Bolton is lifting hearts, having a great impact on others during a time of need. At a time when we could all use a little more inspiration, she’s bringing joy to young and old by sharing songs that inspire.

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Goodbye 2020! by Mary Bolton

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