Massive Machine Type Communication in Healthcare Market Opportunities, Size, Share, Emerging Trends, Forecast 2022-2031

With the rapid penetration of advanced technology and embedded devices, healthcare is undergoing an expeditious transformation toward a distributed, patient-centric approach, accommodating the need for faster, accurate, and real-time response solutions.

Healthcare devices are currently running on existing technologies, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and low-power technologies, but as the market matures, the need for connectivity to various devices will fuel the growth of massive machine type communication.

– Today, the healthcare segment faces numerous challenges such as infrastructure, connectivity, optimal resource, need for a specialist, data management, and real-time monitoring, driving the technological applications to fill the considerable gap. As per close examination of the worldwide statistics with available data for 2005–2015, indicated that around 40% of countries have less than one physician per 1000 population and less than 18 hospital beds per 10,000 population, driving the growth of the market.
– The emerging 5G network is anticipated to support smart healthcare applications that can fulfill most of the requirements, such as ultra-low latency, high bandwidth, ultra-high reliability, high density, and high energy efficiency. The advent of 5G is expected to support smart healthcare by faster and precise communication between machines and devices.

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Key Market Trends

Wireless Machine Holds the Dominant Position in the Massive Machine Type Communication in Healthcare Market

Health condition monitoring is particularly important in chronic conditions hence, continuous monitoring and recording of signals through wearable provides a realistic view of the patient’s health condition. Low power wearable also prevents patients daily visit to the clinical center for regular checkups and enable to track blood pressure, pulse rates, temperature, and HRR, etc. In the future, devices are expected to be connected to the wireless ecosystem and will transmit data automatically to the application server, via the M2M network, and enable the doctors to track the patient’s health conditions remotely.

Wireless transmission through the devices improves patient’s mobility and provides an opportunity to monitor outside the health organizations. It will also act as a lifesaver by monitoring the patient’s condition in real-time and in case of an emergency the information from sensors can be communicated to the nearby hospitals.

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