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Katrina McCarter, Founder/CEO of Marketing to Mums

8 Overlooked Marketing to Moms Opportunities

There are many other sub-segment opportunities just waiting for mom marketers to tap into and generate substantial new growth for their brands.”

— Katrina McCarter, Founder/CEO of Marketing to Mums

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, December 22, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Katrina McCarter, Founder/CEO of Marketing to Mums details 8 largely ignored, poorly addressed moms subsegments that offer fast growth and new profits for savvy mom marketers in her latest article on M2Moms®-The Constant Conference, a 24/7 online executive learning resource dedicated to helping marketers build better business with moms and families. McCarter explained, “Opportunities abound in the Mom Market for brand leaders who go looking. Just consider these eight significant opportunities which are largely ignored, poorly addressed, or represent the fastest growth possibilities – plus they are a sign of our times as to how the market is evolving:
1. Invisible Moms: Women over 45 who are working and balancing the needs of dependent older children and the increasing health needs of their aging parents feel overlooked by the media and brands.
2. Single and Solo Moms: There have never been more single mothers in the world than right now. A particular sub-segment has emerged in western countries. They are older, more affluent women in developed countries who choose to enter motherhood without a partner.
3. Tech-first Moms: Mothers are spending more and more time on the internet, primarily via smartphones.
4. Generation Z Moms: By 2030, the majority of all births in the US will be to Generation Z women.
5. Mom-Led Businesses: Moms in business are an untapped, growing segment among the professional services market which many brands are overlooking.
6. Migrant Moms: National identities are changing, but brands haven’t caught up. Migrant moms – those not born in the country in which they reside – represent a largely untapped opportunity.
7. Pregnant Women & First-Time Moms: Pregnant women and first-time mothers continue to represent a highly desired audience. Brands can start their relationship with expectant mothers and join them throughout parenthood
8. Grandmothers: Whether we are talking about yayas in Greece, halmoni in Korea or bestemor in Norway, grandmothers are an emerging superpower for marketers. AARP research reveals that grandparents in the US are responsible for spending $179 billion per year on their grandchildren.”

McCarter added, “The list is by no means exhaustive; there are many other sub-segment opportunities just waiting for mom marketers to tap into and generate substantial new growth for their brands.” Nan McCann, Founder and Producer of M2Moms® said,” Every marketer who targets moms and families should read Katrina’s entire article. She really spells out how brands are missing what would seem to be obvious opportunities.” Additional M2Moms® articles include: “Using Qualitative Research To Build The Brand That Women Want”; “Multi-year research on moms shopping trends” “Play & Pandemic: How Brands Can Help Families Now”; brand reminders that “Black Lives Matter At Home Too ”; surprising research results on “Charitable Giving Across A Lifespan”; the latest news, innovations and trends on parents & families; an unmatched compendium of mom-marketing-focused data; presentations; best in business reads on Madd About Books; and to help Members work out those WFH kinks an ongoing series of “Moves that Stretch” with Stephanie Bittner, founder of Bittner Movement.”

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