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The Royal Chain Heroes - Amanda Cassidy Story

The Royal Chain Heroes – Amanda Cassidy Story

The Royal Chain Heroes Initiative - royalchainheroes.org

The Royal Chain Heroes Initiative – royalchainheroes.org

The Royal Chain Group, in partnership with A.J Klein Jewelers in Shelton CT, recognizes a local hero this month by selecting a Registered Nurse in New York.

SHELTON, CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, December 14, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — In October, The Royal Chain Heroes program has recognized four additional heroes. Among them, meet Amanda Cassidy, a Registered Nurse in New York.

Amanda grew up in Connecticut, and now is an ER and trauma nurse who works at the heart of NYC’s and the U.S. oldest and largest public hospital, Bellevue. She and her team care for those who are often turned away elsewhere.

Her passion relies on getting people equal and quality healthcare, regardless of race or ability to pay. She has been active in marches and protests fighting these causes with passion and commitment for several years. While fighting the pandemic, Amanda has postponed her wedding twice. In the little free time she has, Amanda is usually using her social media profiles to educate others about the coronavirus and disparities in healthcare.

In her fiancé Robert’s words: “Amanda might not think she did a lot, but she’s remained dedicated in her beliefs, never wavering against unpopular opinions.”

To thank Amanda for her dedication and her passion for giving back to those who are often the most neglected in their community, she has been awarded with a 14K Gold and Amethyst necklace from designer Phillip Gavriel. Since Amanda works with PPE every day, she needs a piece that can be worn with all her other layers. The 14K gold is a perfect autumn color and the amethyst gemstone is known for healing properties, which all of us need these days.

A. J Klein jewelers, a family run business in the local Connecticut community since 1955, will present Amanda with her piece.

Her inspiring story and many others can be found on The Royal Chain Heroes official website www.royalchainheroes.org, social media pages, and through many retail stores that are part of the Royal Chain Network.

To submit your own everyday hero story, fill in the form that can be found on website www.royalchainheroes.org or at any retailer jewelry store. Let’s give thanks to all those who have given so much to others.


Royal Chain Group is a third-generation manufacturer of precious and alternative metal jewelry. With humble beginnings in the 1970s, Royal Chain has grown to become the industry’s leading designer and manufacturer of precious metal jewelry. Their in-depth collections include gold and sterling silver, a diverse offering of basic and fashion jewelry, and some of the strongest, coordinated branded jewelry programs in the industry.

Their Royal Chain Heroes CSR initiative is directed primarily to local communities. The goal is to share stories about everyday heroes, ordinary people who have done something extraordinary to help their community. The stories they share are a strong reminder that great things can still be accomplished, by people of all backgrounds, professions, from all over the world.


The Phillip Gavriel brand was created as a concept of making quality fine jewelry accessible to everyone. Their jewelry is handcrafted in Italy and across the world, with love and respect to those who make it. Designer Phillip Gavriel comes from a lineage of jewelers and uses his experience and inspiration to create designs for today. With a rich history, the brand continues to be inspired by the past traditions yet is centered on creating pieces for today.

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