The Royal Chain Heroes - Amanda Cassidy

The Royal Chain Heroes – Amanda Cassidy

The Royal Chain heroes - Joy Drummond Audain

The Royal Chain heroes – Joy Drummond Audain

The Royal Chain Heroes - Machella Nydia Brooks

The Royal Chain Heroes – Machella Nydia Brooks

The Royal Chain Group reveals its four winners for October, the everyday heroes who have made a difference in their communities across the United States.

These everyday heroes are recognized in every sector for their courage and compassion, having gone above and beyond to help others in these trying times.”

— Phillip Gabriel, Creative Director

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 11, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — In September, The Royal Chain Heroes initiative, spearheaded by Royal Chain Group and jewelry brand Phillip Gavriel, announced its first selected heroes. Now, the Heroes of October step into the spotlight, each of them awarded with a handpicked Phillip Gavriel piece of jewelry. These everyday heroes are recognized in every sector for their courage and compassion, having gone above and beyond to help others in these trying times.

In October, The Royal Chain Heroes program has recognized four additional heroes. Find out more about each of them:

Amanda is an ER and trauma nurse who works in the heart of NYC’s and the U. S’s oldest and largest public hospital, Bellevue, caring for those who are often turned away elsewhere. Her passion is getting people equal and quality healthcare, regardless of race or ability to pay. She has been active in marches and protests fighting these causes with passion and commitment for several years. To thank Amanda for her dedication and her passion for giving back to those who are often the most neglected in their community, she has been awarded with a 14K Gold and Amethyst necklace from designer Phillip Gavriel. Since Amanda works with PPE every day, she needs a piece that can be worn with all her other layers. A. J Klein jewelers, a family run business in the local Connecticut community since 1955 will present Amanda with her piece.

Joana Borgonos is an operating room nurse in the pediatric unit at New York Presbyterian Children’s Hospital. Born in the Philippines with a heart condition, Joana and her family immigrated to the United States when she was a young child. She finally had her first open heart surgery in the U.S. at the age of 8. Though she is considered high risk for COVID, her unwavering commitment to her passion of helping others did not deter her from being in the adult ICU units at the height of the pandemic in NYC. Joana has gone above and beyond her call of duty: during nurse’s week in May, she volunteered to ask companies to donate products to make gift bags for her coworkers, wanting to give hope and support to her friends who had been on the healthcare front lines. In appreciation of her efforts, Joana was awarded with Phillip Gavriel’s 14K Gold and Pearl Stud earrings from their Italian Cable collection. These earrings are easy to wear that she will never have to worry about them during her important word. The pearl is also a tribute to the national gem of the Philippines, her birth country.

Joy Drummond-Audain has been in the nursing profession for over 26 years and currently works at Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York. In her community, Joy has been a spokesperson at Cancer Awareness events, bringing awareness to broader health screenings for early detection and prevention of cancer. During the pandemic, she has been on the front lines taking care of cancer patients, the most vulnerable people out there. She went through a rough period when her father, who is also high risk, was diagnosed with COVID-19; Joy nursed him back to health herself. In appreciation for her efforts before and during these times, Joy was awarded with Phillip Gavriel’s Blue Topaz, Diamond and Sterling Silver Popcorn bangle. The blue topaz is known as a gemstone of “Joy”, and best of all this piece is a cuff, so she will never have to fuss with her clasp when getting it on or off. Fortunoff, a name synonymous with high quality fine jewelry on Long Island for over half a century will join the jewelry brand to present Joy with this piece further strengthening the relationship between local retailers and their local community.

Machella Brooks, who goes by her middle name Nydia, has been a Senior Living Executive Director in North Carolina for 14 years. The residents she takes care of each day are so special to her that she considers them part of her extended family. In a time of so many heartbreaking stories of senior homes being affected by the pandemic, Nydia has made it her top priority keeping the residents and staff alike always safe. In this facility, almost half of the residents deal with dementia related issues; that, combined with a lack of a normal routine and visits from their respective families had started to take a toll on their health. Nydia went above and beyond to help them, connecting the residents and their loved ones using video calls and trying to find other ways to mitigate the feeling of loneliness. To honor Nydia, Phillip Gavriel is partnering with local jeweler Gemma Gallery in Pinehurst, to award her with their 18K Gold & Sterling Silver Black Onyx earrings. These earrings are simple, understated and elegant and will go with everything she wears daily, without getting in the way of her busy day interacting with residents and staff, so that she can continue to spread her positive attitude to all the people she interacts with.

To submit your own everyday hero story, fill in the form that can be found on the Royal Chain Heroes website www.royalchainheroes.org or at any retailer that is part of The Royal Chain Group Retail Network. All stories received will be considered for our next round of winners published in November. Let’s give thanks to all those who have given so much to others.


Royal Chain Group is a third-generation manufacturer of precious and alternative metal jewelry. With humble beginnings in the 1970s, Royal Chain has grown to become the industry’s leading designer and manufacturer of precious metal jewelry. Their in-depth collections include gold and sterling silver and some of the strongest, coordinated branded jewelry programs in the industry.


The Phillip Gavriel brand was created as a concept of making quality fine jewelry accessible to everyone. Designer Phillip Gavriel comes from a lineage of jewelers and uses his experience and inspiration to create designs for today.

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