Mental Health Advocates Zero Mind Set To Launch In London Supplying CBD & Wellness Products

This is a Mental Health Emergency

This is a Mental Health Emergency

So Who Are Zero Mind

So Who Are Zero Mind

Zero Mind Hemp Extract Oil

Zero Mind Hemp Extract Oil

“This is a mental health emergency – the coronavirus pandemic is having a huge impact on our mental health” …Mind

We’ve obtained amazing support from suppliers and we’ll be able to provide FREE CBD to the vulnerable & less fortunate”

— Richard Blunt

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, December 11, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Sourced from the World’s most credible Hemp farmers, and made in the UK, Zero Mind products contain 0.0% THC and manufactured using 100% natural ingredients.

It has been an incredibly challenging year, and Richard Blunt nearly threw the towel in several times, but 18 months ago he set out to create the eCommerce business he had in his vision for years. Richard says, “It has been highly stressful at times, but I knew I had to dig really deep and keep at it. Despite many setbacks, I have done it – I have tapped into the one niche that was front and centre in my life all the time – Mental Health “.

Having always struggled with his mental health and after he sustained an injury in 2013, he also lives with chronic pain. Unable to find effective, non-prescription, and non-addictive pain management, a friend recommended he tried CBD Oil.

Richard says “I felt relief quite fast, I was impressed by just how much. I thought this is worth exploring more, so I went on a spree, buying lots of different brands, trying to find the ones I liked, but sadly I found more that I didn’t. I can see how consumer trust can be shattered. Being misled and not sure who to trust and in the end, just giving up”.

Richard admitted, the quality he found was generally quite poor, mislabelled, and misleading. He decided the only option was to create his own.
Spending over a year, sampling, and testing products from all over the world led him to two leading biomass-producers in Colorado, USA. Sourcing high-grade Hemp Extract has resulted in an amazing range of Oils, manufactured right here in the UK.
This has formed the foundation of the new brand – Zero Mind – and the countdown has begun, officially launching on 1st January 2021.

Zero Mind’s message is clear – take a Zero Mind Moment to explore the world’s finest ranges of hemp extract oils and health supplements. 100% natural support for a healthy mind and lifestyle.

Third-Party Lab Testing confirms the quality and purity supported by a detailed COA (certificate of analysis) and ‘Zero’ refers to the 0.0% THC in their Oils but also the Zero Mind Moment they want you to take.

The concept behind #ZEROMINDMOMENT

“The inherent nature of the mind is to make something out of nothing.” source: zenthinking – empty your mind return to zero.
“By taking a moment to clear your mind, you find balance and peace; you find the strength to discover newfound passions; you find the motivation to drive you forward – take a #zeromindmoment”

Richard explains the Zero Mind model has been designed to help as many people as it can:

• Zero Mind is competitively priced to make it more accessible
• Zero Mind donates a % of all profit to Mental Health Charities
• Zero Mind provides upsells so you can donate more – help more
• Zero Mind donates 50% of upsells to Mental Health Charities
• Zero Mind uses the remaining 50% to provide FREE CBD to the vulnerable & less fortunate

Richard says “we have obtained amazing support from suppliers. Our aim is to launch with the original range of natural oils, gummies, and a few other essentials, and continue developing products targeting mental health and overall wellness – nootropic supplements, boosted drinks, other edibles and of course a wide range of topicals and other feel-good products”.

So, what is next for the Zero Mind Team?

Richard continues “the mission now, is to build an award-winning team, fuelling rapid growth through 2021, leading to successfully securing additional funding/investment for further product and company development. We can help people find peace and calm amongst all the chaos… and at the same time, give some back – a win-win!”.

Zero Mind needs your support. You can keep up to date on their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, and watch the story unfold.

More information about Zero Mind can be found on their website. Alternatively, the company can be contacted
directly using the information below.

Richard Blunt
Zero Mind
email us here
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