Mercury Market : In-Depth Industry Analysis on Size, and Prominent Key Players Analysis

The global mercury market report is expected to reach a CAGR of around 1% during the forecast period. The major factor driving the market studied is the demand for measuring and controlling devices.

– The hazardous properties of mercury are likely to act as a restraint to the growth of the market. Owing to its hazardous nature many countries have banned mercury-containing batteries, thermometers, barometers, and blood pressure monitors, thus affecting the market studied.
– Asia-Pacific is expected to dominate the global market with the majority of the demand coming from China and India.

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Key Market Trends

Measuring and Controlling Devices to be the largest segment

– Mercury is used in various devices such as thermometers, automotive parts, thermostat probes, barometers, vaccum guages, flame sensors, flowmeters, hydrometers, hygrometers/psychrometers, manometers, pyrometers, medical devices and more.
– Mercury is used on a large scale in the sphygmomanometer for the measurement of blood pressure. Also, the measurement of blood pressure is important in the diagnosis and monitoring of a wide range of clinical conditions.Traditionally, blood pressure is measured non-invasively using sphygmomanometer.This is still recognised as, the ‘gold standard’ for the measuremenyt of blood pressure.
– However the environmental concerns regarding mercury have led to the imposition of bans in some European countries and the supply in the United Kingdom is now restricted to healthcare use.

Asia-Pacific to Dominate the Market

– The Asia-Pacific region is the largest market for mercury. In the Asia-Pacific region, China and Kyrgyzstan are the major producers of mercury. In addition to it, China has the worlds largest mine production and reserves of mercury. Also, Mercury compounds were used as catalysts in the coal-based manufacture of vinyl chloride monomer in China.
– Furthermore, the Artisanal Small-Scale Gold Mining (ASGM) has its extensive operation spanning over 55 countries across Asia, South America, and Africa. ASGM acts as a microeconomic source for these countries, however, there are adverse environmental and health impacts associated with ASGM.

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