Michael Itaev Continues to Give Back to Community in Times of Need

Michael Itaev

Michael Itaev

Michael Itaev Continued to Give Back to Community in Times of Need

LOS ANGELES , CA, UNITES STATES , December 16, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Throughout most of 2020, people all over the world have continued to struggle due to a variety of reasons. This year has brought several different challenges including COVID-19, a global economic recession, and a variety of different natural disasters. Fortunately, there are people out there that continue to look out for the community around them and give back. One person that has continued to support the community at large is Michael Itaev.

Michael Itaev Gives Back to Rainbow Children’s Academy

For a long time, Meir Itaev has been a supporter of a variety of different organizations. One charitable organization that he continues to support today is the Rainbow Children’s Academy. He has continued to be a leader for this organization and has received a lot of accolades and acknowledgment for the work that he has done to help grow the organization, which he has helped to establish, form, and grow into what it is today.

Michael Itaev Knows Children are the Future

While Michael Itaev is focused on helping all people thrive and gain access to food, shelter, and other necessities, he also knows that kids are the future of the organization. Through a variety of different charities, Michael Itaev has continued to help raise money that goes directly to helping children gain access to clothes, food, shelter, and even better education. His efforts have continued to pay dividends as he has seen kids that he worked with succeed and develop as the years go by.

Michael Itaev Knows the Holidays are a Time to Give

While it is important to think about the community during the rest of the year, the holiday season is always a good time to give back to those that are less fortunate.Michael Itaev has continued to find ways to ensure everyone is able to have a fun and memorable experience. A few years ago, through a couple of his foundations and charities, Itaev created an event called the Soulful Christmas Celebration. This ended up being a very popular event for people all over the area and helped to raise a lot of awareness for the organizations. It also helped create some lasting memories for all people that were involved with it.

Michael Itaev Focuses on Improving Environment

While much of his good work has come through organizations that he has helped to establish, Michael Itaev is also able to give back through his profession. Today, Itaev continues to be a leader of West Coast Technology and Commodities. As a leader of this organization, Itaev has continued to look for ways to improve environmental technology and implement it in countries all over the world. This has helped under-served communities get access to more affordable and reliable energy solutions, which continues to provide dividends to the communities at large.

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