Microsoft’s new $299 Xbox Series S console is coming Nov. 10

Microsoft surprised everyone this morning at their Microsoft press conference by unveiling the new Xbox consoles and revealing it will be released Nov. 10.

The new XBox S games console has been upgraded from the existing XBox One S model at $299. They’ve added a lightning port and new controller.

The XBox console will sport a 4K UHD HDR TV out of the box, which was a big focus for Microsoft this year. The graphics chip is the Polaris architecture in both a 4K version and the 720p version. Like many games, it has an upgrade model for the specifications, too.

The standard Xbox One S XBox One controller can double as a traditional controller when you add it to your machine. The new wireless controller is Bluetooth capable and has a touchpad and four analog sticks. It has three triggers for more accurate aim, and the thumbsticks are redesigned.

The Xbox One and XBox S devices will support more than 1,000 games from the beginning. The majority of those will be ported from existing XBox One and Xbox One S models, but they have some exclusive game content and various mods that you won’t find on the PS4.

Since the Sony controller is easier to use and more comfortable, I’ve not had a lot of interest in the newer controllers. Microsoft has done a good job with the original gamepad, though I’ve liked the more responsive DualShock 4 controller. The sleek front of the XBox controller is a big improvement over the cardboard that comes with the Xbox One.

Regardless of your choices, expect to find several prominent game titles and demos at this year’s E3.

The new XBox doesn’t come out until November, but it’s being previewed in several of the games this week. Microsoft demoed its partnership with Ubisoft to feature Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 as a demo for the new XBox. The game is being touted as the only XBox game with HDR. The E3 media will also get a chance to play a demo for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

The XBox One features a traditional form factor, plus a sleek external casing and bright colored buttons. It also has a new style controller. Unfortunately, like some Windows PC game controllers, you can’t wear it like you would a traditional Xbox. It also supports macros to record in-game sounds.

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