Middle East Feed Probiotics Market Size Report Analysis, Share, Revenue, Growth Rate With Forecast 2022-2031

The Middle East Feed Probiotics Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.8% during the forecast period. The animal feed industry had badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, which compelled farmers to stock their animal feed supplies, including additives such as probiotics. This has led to a spike in demand for animal feed additives when the lockdown was initially imposed.

Probiotics are widely used in farm livestock, companion animals, and aquaculture, as they are principally associated with reducing clinical disease and increasing growth rates. Therefore, as the consumers are becoming more health-conscious, livestock producers are shifting towards sustainable livestock farming techniques, which would drive the market for probiotics.

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The regional feed probiotics market is segmented on the basis of product type and animal type. By product type, lactobacilli form the majority of the market share in feed probiotics. By animal type, ruminants and poultry are the two major consuming segments of probiotics in the region. Aquaculture is a key source of fish in Egypt. Probiotics, which control pathogens through a variety of mechanisms, are increasingly being used in feed in aquaculture in Egypt. As a fast-growing sector, the need for efficient production with minimal harm to the aquatic environment forced producers to seek healthier alternatives. Therefore probiotics market is expected to gain momentum with the increasing animal-based products’ trade activity in the region.

Key Market Trends

Growing Demand for Meat

Meat is highly demanded across the middle east countries and forms a part of their staple diet. According to a study conducted by the Ministry of Foreign Trade, the meat consumers in the United Arab Emirates consume 18 times more than the global average. The country reached 79.0 kg per capita consumption of meat in 2019, which is anticipated to fuel the growth of feed probiotics in the country, to meet this rapidly growing meat consumption. Animal feeding plays a leading role in the middle eastern feed industry and feed is the largest and most vital component to ensure the sustainable production of safe and affordable animal proteins for the generation of healthy meat.

The main meat producers in the Middle East are Egypt, Turkey, and Jordan among other countries. According to Food and Agriculture Organization, cattle meat production increased from 987,482.0 metric ton in 2017 to 1,003,859.0 metric ton in 2018 owing to the increased demand for meat in Turkey. More use of feed probiotics has led to an improvement in growth, reduction in mortality, and improvement in the feed conversion efficiency of the animals. Thus, the middle-eastern farmers will demand feed vitamins in order to produce better meat quality for the consumers in the middle east. This will in turn drive the feed probiotics market to promote healthy growth in the animals.

Middle East Feed Probiotics Market Size Report Analysis, Share, Revenue, Growth Rate With Forecast 2022-2031
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