Milkio ghee has earned outstanding popularity in the global consumer market

Cultured Grass fed ghee

Milkio Cultured Grass fed ghee

New Zealand made Grass Fed Ghee

New Zealand made Grass Fed Ghee

Himalayan Pink salt ghee

Himalayan Pink salt ghee

Milkio Foods has launched its ghee products under diverse classes, and all Milkio ghee clarified butter products have earned good market feedback worldwide.

Milkio Foods Ltd (NASDAQ:AAPL)

Milkio ghee is a certified organic and NON-GMO products”

— Milkio Foods

HAMILTON, WAIKATO, NEW ZEALAND, December 27, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Milkio Foods has launched grass-fed ghee in different categories. The ghee company is based in New Zealand, a clean and green pure country, where the dairy products are manufactured under the Food safety guidelines of New Zealand.

The company uses the best quality raw ingredients in making Milkio ghee, which is 100% grass-fed milk of cow and sheep. According to the organic dairy farming protocol, organic dairy cows are pasture-raised and they are fed on grass and grass-based fodders. Grass-fed cow milk contains more nutrients than conventional non-organic cow milk, hence grass-fed ghee is more nutritious. Milkio ghee products are grass-fed quality, and that makes them a premium in quality.

Milkio ghee is a certified organic and NON-GMO products. These are natural products, USDA certified for their 100% purity. These premium dairy products are excellently shelf-friendly: you can store Milkio pure ghee in the kitchen for 12 months without the support of refrigeration.
Milkio grass-fed ghee contains 64% saturated fat and is a reliable source of fat-based foods for Keto and Paleo dieters: it is Keto and Paleo friendly dairy products. Consumers have expressed their satisfaction over the use of Milkio ghee as a safe cooking oil with a higher smoke point.
Existing users have expressed their satisfaction with Milkio ghee as a healthy butter substitute. It is a versatile cooking oil: perfect for cooking veg, non-veg dishes, and for cooking desserts.

Besides grass-fed clarified butter ghee, Milkio has introduced grass-fed cultured ghee also. Cultured ghee contains lactic acid, which makes it 100% safe for lactose-intolerant people. Instead of milk-fat, cultured ghee is made of cultured butter.

Hence, the lactose of milk gets converted into lactic acid, which is safe for food sensitive people. Milkio grass-fed sheep ghee is quite popular for its multiple health benefits.

Milkio Foods has a unique product portfolio.

Milkio product portfolio contains,
• Grass-Fed Conventional Ghee
• Grass-Fed Cultured Ghee
• Grass-Fed USDA Organic Ghee
• Grass-Fed Cultured USDA Organic Ghee
• Grass-Fed Sheep Ghee
• Garlic infused Grass-Fed Ghee
• Lime Infused Grass-Fed Ghee
• Himalayan Salt Infused Grass-fed Ghee
• Grass-Fed A2 USDA Organic Ghee

Milkio grass-fed ghee clarified butter is sold worldwide via its retail network. Milkio has tried its hand successfully in the Private brand and contract manufacturing business, which has increased the reach of these premium dairy products under Private label.

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Milkio’s grass fed ghee goodness

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